forex news 17th of May 2015We are back here with you to inform you what has happened and what has shaken the market during the previous week. Check out all the latest and hottest Forex news to update your current trading strategy. Begin the next week with huge success and awesome profits by considering the following Forex changes and market movements. Let`s get started with the news now!

Russian Economy Has Shrunk A Bit Less Than The Expectations Predicted

The expectations as to Russian economy predicted a huge shrinking. Though, one of the latest financial reports as to it has shown that the shrinking process with a bit less than these expectations. The Domestic Gross Product during the first quarter of 2015 year was reduced with up to 1.9%, while the prognosis made by the national economy experts was a deduction of about 2.6%. It seems that the fast recovery of Russian Rouble, as well as the stimulation for a lighter monetary policy has lead to some really great results for the national economy. Moreover – local demand and search have also increased and even though the export has not reached the necessary stabilization, the market can boast with an increase of the consumption by Russian people. Most of Russian economy experts believe that the large collapse has been overcome.

Czech Republic Has Signed Huger Growth That The Expectations

Another exceeding of the expectations as to the economy report for the first quarter of the current year was registered in Czech Republic. The growth is huger than most of economy experts in the country has expected. Moreover – the Domestic Gross Product was increased with up to 2.8% in comparison to the last three months of the previous 2014 year and as to the annual growth of about 3.9 %, this is the biggest economy growth in Czech Republic since 2008 year. Most of the local economists, though, only hoped for an increase of about 2% at an annual rate. The current economy recovery, on the other side, continues and specialists in the country believe that the planned growth for the next 5 years might even come earlier and faster!

The Economy in Ukraine With a Huge Shrinking During The First Quarter of 2015 Year

The economy situation, though, is not that good in Ukraine. The latest report as to the first quarter of the year showed that the local economy has reached a very huge shrinking of about 17.6%. The annual Gross Domestic Product is based on the optimistic scenario of a deduction of about 5.5% for the entire year, but these numbers was exceeded only during the first quarter. The national economists made a statement that the stimulation measures, which are currently established or only planned should be improved and revised immediately!

A Very Poor And Harsh Week For USD Has Passed

The previous week was not very ok for USD, too. The American national currency has signed very weak numbers and the main reason for this trend was another disagreement as to the main interest rate among the monetary specialists in American Central Bank. The weak reports for the wholesale purchases also influenced on the poor value of USD. In Friday, USD almost hit a 3-month bottom according to EUR, which has recently begun stabilizing. Currently, EUR/USD is 1.13838. The situation with GBP/USD is also not quite ok and now it is about 1.55533. USD/JPY has also shocked the investors in Thursday, when the Japanese Yen has suddenly growth. Currently, USD/JPY is 118.317.

The Economy In Eurozone With Superb Success

The Economy In Eurozone With Superb Success
The economy in Euro zone felt into a slight delay few months ago, but it seems that this was only a temporary condition. All of the latest reports for the European economy are not only positive, but also quite promising. The superb success of the economy in Eurozone is now celebrated by the entire European Union and most of the country members will be definitely encouraged to grow even more. The recent numbers have not been that good since 2008 year. Moreover – economy specialists claim there was not such a fast recovery for Eurozone since its establishment. We can only guess how fast the next months for the economy in the region will be. The Domestic Gross Product for the first quarter of the year for Eurozone has increased with up to 0.4%. And the recent growth of EUR towards USD has additionally improved the monetary and economy situation in the region.
Ok, guys, these were all of the most important and significant Forex and economy news for the previous week. Do not miss to read the next ones next week, too! See you soon!