17-19th november 2014 trading newsHello, dear Forex lovers and fans! As you can see, we are here in time. Indeed, we are here to update you with all the latest Forex news. Check out the changes on the markets. Be aware of all stable or unstable Forex elements. Get ready for the recent interesting Forex news for the period between 17th and 19th of November 2014 year.

Russia continues gathering more and more gold.

The situation in Russia is quite delicate. Though, no matter happens in a country there is always place to estimate the most valuable thing – such as the gold, for instance. Russia keeps collecting more gold. According to the statistics this process has been turn on since 2005 and the results up to know are quite impressive. The current gold reserve in Russia is 1 185 tons of gold and only 2014 year has brought additional 150 tons.

The business trust with a positive leap in Germany

The current business trust rate in Germany was supposed to be stable for the beginning of November. However, the results from a recent report were even better. It turned out that the business trust in Germany has going forward with a slight rise for the last week of October and first days in November.

Japan gives green line to its current policy

The crediting and financial policy in Japan will not be changed or updated for now. This has become officially announced recently. The national government in Germany has given green line to all the important and working financial strategy that has shown positive results for October and the last quarter. The Central Bank in Germany says that today`s inflation rate is much lower than in summer and it is about 1%.

Argentina receives 1,3 billion USD from China

The latest news with Argentina is quite shocking. Probably no one has believed that Argentina will instantly get richer – especially thanks to China. Well, indeed this actually has happened. Argentina has received 1,3 billion USD from a foreign currency swap with China. This is a part of the program for the faster recovery of Argentina. We remind you that the latest expectations for the Argentina financial future weren’t quite positive at all. Though, this huge step with China is a fine first step for the quicker getaway from the insolvency.
Ok, guys, hope we were helpful for you! See you quite soon with the latest Forex news next time!