markets news 9th 15th march 2015Hello guys and dear Forex traders, the previous week must have been quite successful for you, but reading our next portion of the latest news from the market you will have the chance to make the next trading days even more profitable! So don’t lose any more time and read our exclusive Forex news to update your strategy –9th and 15th March 2015!

Goldman Sachs Expects Parity of EUR/USD in September

It is not a secret for anyone that the increase of USD recently hasn’t been either accidental, or logical. But there`s an explanation for everything from the financial market and the EUR/USD level is not an exception. Most experts from the field are in a waiting mode for the parity in EUR/USD and it has become well-known that sooner or later it will come. And even though some of the biggest professionals from Forex market claim that the parity will take time in the end of the year, other expectations point even an earlier moment. The American bank – Goldman Sachs – expects the parity in September. Moreover the experts from the bank believe that EUR will fall into its bottom of about 0.8 USD in late 2017 year. Well, indeed it is always about a matter of time, but the EUR/USD parity is definitely about a little time.

Denmark Made a Promise Not to Change the Fixed Rate of its Krone towards EUR

The next big promise from the National Dutch Bank has arrived during the last few days and according to it there will be no changes in the fixed rate of EUR/DKK. The monetary policy in the country is entirely in the name of Dutch economy, which was a statement made directly from the main governor of the national financial institution. However, meanwhile all of the news has made the investors to concern and to lose confidence in their future deals as the Swiss monetary case is still a significant factor for the Dutch Krone, as well as to the EUR/DKK.

Russia Has Reduces Its Main Interest Rate

While trying to fix all of its financial and economy problems, Russia is probably about to make a little step towards its stabilization. One of the basic measures that have been put into force for this mission is the deduction of the main interest rate. During the previous few days a decision from the National Russian Bank to reduce the main interest rate was finally made and realized. The deduction is with 100 basic points. And today the Russian interest rate has reached 14%. We remind you that this move was as a matter of fact a step that all global financial experts have expected since the situation in Ukraine began to worsen.

Warehouse Commerce In USA with a Little Drop

The American warehouse commerce did not make it to show good reports and news for February 2015. The warehouse trade has reduced with up to 0.6% during the last month and this became the first time for USA to sign deduction in its warehouse sales during a period of three serial months for the last three years. Moreover – some experts remain tranquil, because the reducing process for February is something that every country, respectively every business unity should expect. The low temperatures, as well as the post-holiday period were never good factors for good warehouse commerce. Though, on the other side, such a big drop is something that American economy should definitely be concerned about.

EURO is Making Attempts To Restore Part of Its Losses These Days

Even though slight and uncertain, the attempts of EURO to restore part of its losses during the last days are yet visible. The huge and sharp increasing of the USD value, though, makes it more than impossible for the unified European currency to bring back its stable condition. On the other side, many experts believe and claim that this sudden move of USD price is not preferable for the Fed Reserve. Still, the expectations for huger value for the American national currency are now growing almost in symmetry to the growth of USD.

Germany Reported Inflation of 0.1%

The German inflation has become at 0.1% rate at an annual rate. The numbers are from the February economy report and the consumer prices in the biggest European economy have finally reached the growing stage after its huge drop of about 0.4% during the previous month – January 2015. The same data is similar in France, too, since French inflation has increased its rate with up to 0.7%
Ok, guys, these were all the most important news up to now. We expect you here – at the same time and place – next week, when you will be provided with another exclusive portion of the latest Forex news! See you then!