forex trading news 3rd week january 2015Hello, dear Forex lovers, high punters and beginners in trading! Last week was quite shocking and disturbing for all of us, so we are completely sure that you need some updates. For this purpose we have gathered for you the top Forex hot news. All of them are for the period between 12th and 18th January of 2015 year! Do not miss to read them in order to adjust your current Forex strategy to the current news and events that took place on the market!

The Surprising Move by Switzerland Has Shaken the Entire Forex Market

Naturally, the first news we need to pay some serious attention is the case with Switzerland. As you know the surprising move by the country has shaken up the entire Forex market and lots of traders, experts and big players were more than just affected. In Saturday, the Government in Switzerland has made a sudden and unexpected decision to end up the support of EUR/CHF course at around 1,2000. This action has lead to sharp rise in the price of the Swiss Franc and only during the first minutes after the news, the currency has increased its price up to 40%. The main winner of this situation turned out to be the USD since the investors are in a search of certain, stable and secured currency, which must be entrusted by the World Central Bank by all means. Though, the Swiss Franc has been going on losing positions during the last few days, while the investors are still adjusting to the new situation. Note that several experts, as well as the main and official representatives of the market has convicted the decision by Swiss Government and many Forex brokers even ended up with bankruptcy. The situation leaded to huge losses for the EUR and the currency finished the current week with another bad delay. Meanwhile, the GBP/USD is now 1,5210.

The Capital Flowing in Russia for 2014 Year is Huge

The capital flowing in Russia for the previous 2014 year has signed huge numbers. The capitals were up to 150 billion of USD. Having in mind that the prognosis for the current quarter is for exodus of about 60 billion USD, an establishment of capital control is quite possible now.

The Inflation in USA with a Delay of Up to 5-Year Bottom

The inflation in USA goes on to register big delays. A new report has showed that the sharp drop of the inflation began in April 2013 year and recently it reached a 5-year bottom. The index for the consumer prices, though, has registered an increase of about 0.8% during December 2014 year. The Ministry of Labour has announced that the index of the consumer prices has a rise of 0.4%, which is a positive new – especially having in mind the recent problems with the petrol industry and the USD shaking condition. Up to now the world leaders are wondering if the Federal Reserve will make a change in the drastic decision to increase the interest rate in the middle of 2015 year due the fact that Fed is aiming an inflation of about 0.2%.

ECB Confirmed: Lithuania is Fine with EUR

The European Central Bank has made an official announcement, which made a confirmation that Lithuania is absolutely fine with the acceptance of the European unified currency EUR. This is a very important moment for the country, as well as its consolidation of the connections with the rest of EU country members. The period for accepting EUR for Lithuania began in 15th of January 2014 year and in the end of the week it ended up more than successfully!

The German Inflation with a Delay

The inflation in Germany for the last month of 2014 year – December – has registered delay, as well. It turned out that the delay is about 0.2%, which is the lowest level since October 2009 year. On the other side, all of this facts show that soon European Central Bank will definitely feel stimulated to being the monetary stimulation process. The consumer prices in Germany remained dangerously close to show a possibility of falling in stagnation, which was officially confirmed by Destatis – The German Federal Statistic Agency. The news is the next signal for Germany and EU that inflation in Eurozone in general has been constantly moving on negative territory, which will make ECB to be more drastic and bolder in applying new measures.
Ok, guys, up to now these were all the interesting current Forex news for the previous week! Be with us next Sunday again to learn what happens on the market, as well as with the Swiss Franc Case advance! See you soon!