trading news last week june 2015Hello, dear Forex traders! June is over, but we guess your big passion for trading is not over at all. And currently you must be looking for a quick review of the latest news from the market. We are here to tell you everything important you need to know as to the market movements and the financial events that took place during the last few 10 days. Check out our quick review of all the latest June Forex news right away – 22nd – 30th June 2015.

Wholesales In Japan With a Huge Rise

There is something true about the fact that Japan might face lots of problems, but it will never stop its huge progress. Another proof for this statement is a latest report that represents the wholesales in Japan for May. According to this report the rise is about 3% and these results are much better than the most positive prognosis that was made by the Japanese financial and economy specialists. What experts predicted was at least a rise of 2.1%. Still, though, we remind you that this sudden good news is good for Japan, because it was not as successful as May and it went under the best prognosis. On the other side, the stats show that the expenses of the households during the last month have also signed a rise of about 4.8% at an annual basis. The conclusion is that the Japanese family has returned to its main base of monthly expenses and the search and demand rate is about to get back to its local roots.

Switzerland Has Limited The Increase of Franc Price Due To The Greek Problem

The Swiss Central Bank has got involved in the monetary market during the last weekend in an attempt to limit the increase of the Swiss Franc value at the background of the latest hot news – the Greek crisis. The chief in the main financial institution in Switzerland – Bern Thomas Jordan was short, but clear – “We are always active at the monetary market, if it is required from us”. The situation that Switzerland faced during the weekend has made the Central Bank in the country to take these quick financial measures, but experts say that there is no serious chance for Swiss Franc to get destabilized. These were, though, the only words Jordan mentioned as to the latest Franc situation in Switzerland and he did not even comment anything else as to this financial intervention.

Greek Profitability From Debts With A Huge Increase

The situation in Greece has made everything in the country and mainly in the financial sphere to change in no time. Thus, the profitability from debts in Greece has signed a huge increase. To be more specific, the increase is about 370 basis points. The market participants are clear that they need to prepare for a sudden and soon bankruptcy in Athena. Meanwhile, though the profitability of the 2-year securities are now more than 1200 basis points, which is also a rise, but of about 33.350%. We remind you that Greek government has closed all of its banks for a period of 6 days this Monday. The forex brokers are warning all their clients to limit all trades in EUR pairs.

The Central Bank in China Has Increased The Main Interest Rate for Fourth Time

Chinese Central Bank has increased its main interest rate with about 0.25% and currently it is 4.85% in debts and about 2% in deposits. This is, as a matter of fact, the fourth time, when China increases its main interest rate for the last 7 month. Experts believe that the strategy might be risky, but it has the potential to make Chinese plans come realized quite soon. What Chinese Central Bank aims is to revive the local economy. However, there are yet financial experts in the country, who believe that there are better ways to accomplish such a mission, because the increase of the main interest approach might be quite bad for the local monetary policy soon.

The Trust Factor In Italian Business – Finally Improved

The main figures that showed the trust in business in Italy were not very good for the last few months and almost unchangeable for the last few years. However, a recent report shows that the trust factor in Italian business has finally improved and it is about of matter of time for the country to stabilize this part of its economy. The rise of the trust factor index is about 2.5 points, which means that currently it is about 104.3 points. The consumer trust, of course, has risen alongside with the business trend improvement and it has reached up to 109.5 points for the last month.
Ok, guys, these were all the latest Forex news from us up to now! We will see you here as soon as possible, so you can read adjust your weekly strategy for trading again!