markets news april start of may 2015Hello guys! We are here again to inform all of you, who enjoy trading in Forex market. To know what`s happening in this field is the first thing you need to consider, when making a trade, so do not hesitate to read all of the latest and hottest Forex news. Here are the top news – 27th April to 3rd May 2015. Get concentrated and adjust all of these movements to your Forex trading strategy during the upcoming week on mandatory!

The Retail Sells In Germany In March With a Sudden Drop

The latest report for the retail sells in Germany was released. It covers March and what made a huge surprise for both – traders and experts in the field – so surprised was the sudden drop. It turned out that the previous month – February – which in general is considered to be weakest one among the entire year was better than March. March retail sells in Germany are lower with about 2.3%. These numbers have definitely disappointed German economists. Though, have in mind that this report does not include the revision measures, so probably the sudden drop is not so big or threatening the German economy.

The Inflation in Japan Has Increased A Lot

Japan was definitely expected the increasing of the national inflation, but a latest report has showed numbers that exceed even the economy expectations. The unemployment rate in the country, though, has reduced a little bit, however, this is not enough to stop the rising inflation. Still, the incomes for the households have not begun to recover, which is the main reasons for the inflation growth during the next months, too. The exact increase of the Japanese inflation is about 2.2%. Have in mind that the economy experts in Japan actually expected 2% of the inflation increase and probably the Central Bank in the country will have to come out with some new stimulation measures to stop the increasing processes during the next few months. The unemployment rate, though, has reduced to 3.4%.

Chinese Manufacturing Process With a Slight Growth in April

The good news, though, come from China, where the manufacturing field has reported a slight growth in April. Though, this growth seems not to be enough, because the national economy in the country goes on delaying. Of course, Chinese government is ready with a new pack of stimulation measures that are supposed to increase the manufacturing incomes and to reduce the large local unemployment rate. The official PMI index for China reports an increase of about 50.1 points for April. Have in mind that the economists in China actually expected a bit lower increase of about 5 points. Some of the measures are focused on private companies, which will receive some tax concessions and which will make the final results for each of the companies bigger during the next three months. Whether this is going to happen and work, or not, we will find out very soon!

Russia Has Reduced Its Main Interest Rate

Russian has decided to reduce its main interest rate to up to 12.5%. This decision was due to the sudden stabilization of the national currency. The last two weeks were quite ok for the Russian Rouble and probably it is only a matter of time for the Russian currency to get back to its primaries. Still, though all those worries for a giant economy crisis in Russia are growing and many experts believe that the deduction of the main interest number is not enough to put the country back into its primary positions. Have in mind that the stabilization of Russian Rouble has additionally prevented the national inflation to grow even more, but the current situation is definitely much better than the one from the end of the previous year, when in December the huge economy collapse has hit the country. The Central Russian Bank is about to do even more – besides the deduction of the main interest rate – because the current shrinking number of about 3%-4% is supposed to be reduced more for the next few months. We will follow the situation for Russian economy, although the crisis of Ukraine is supposed to be overcome, when the real saving for Russia to come.
Ok, guys, these were all the latest news from Forex world! Do not miss to get updated with the hottest and most recent movements of the market next week, too! We will be here with a new bunch of Forex news again! See you very soon!