online trading news second week january 2015Hello, guys! We are back to you with a bunch of news to consider before beginning the new upcoming Forex week for trading. You should definitely check out all the important and interesting latest and hottest Forex news. All of them are from the period between 5th and 11th of January 2015 year. Read them to get updated with the market situation right away!

Forex experts consider the conflict between Russia and Europe as a great challenge for the entire market!

All the Forex experts are looking at the giant conflict between Russia and European Union as they are expecting something to happen. And they should. There are many scenarios we can think about, when this subject is mentioned, but let`s face it – the good chances for the foreign currency market are probably the main consequences that this conflict comes up with. Moreover – there`s a big proof for this opinion. The search for Russian Rouble as a financial instrument is quite huge recently. Also, many of these experts add that today there is no need to trade with all the available financial instruments. And finding the most profitable pair is enough, which in the case with the Russian Rouble these days is quite possible and even easy.

Gavin Holmes: The giant scopes are basics for the successful trade

According to the professional trader Gavin Holmes, who is quite good and renewed in Forex trading experience, the giant scopes are actually the basics for the successful commercial trade. He also adds that risk is everywhere and avoiding it is not that simple even for great traders like him. No matter what Forex trading strategy you have, the risk must be always considered and Gavin`s main secret is taking under consideration the big scopes in the commercial trade. While he was explaining these things to a big audience during the annual Investor Forex Forum, Holmes showed his contention in real time and in practice, too.

What is the influence of the high-quality trade on the market?

This question is probably interesting for you, too, and there is no chance for all the traders from the global Forex market, who have never thought of it. Many experts believe that the high-quality trade has, as a matter of fact, very little influence on the entire global commerce. Moreover, they claim that the quantity, but the quality is more important these days. This, as you can see, simply refers to the Gavin Holmes` opinion about the scopes. Real financial specialists – except for the traders – began believing in this statement, too. So, if everyone keeps saying us that High-frequency trading has no more major influence on the market, then we really should consider the scope trend by all means!

USA with great number of new free job positions during December

The December report for the exact number of free job positions and the main condition of the labour force in USA has come out. According to its numbers, USA had up to 252 thousands of free job positions during the previous month. Experts add that the American economy, though, is still far away from its main goal recently – to create more and more working positions and to deal with the local high rate of unemployment. We remind you, on the other side, that in November the free job positions were less and the situation back in those days were quite disturbing. Note that the employment facts from this report involve employees from the following spheres: manufacturing of different goods, building and non-government agency working field. The report does not include the agriculture and livestock breeding sphere at all.

The UK trading deficit has shrunk even more than expected

During the previous months – the last weeks from the 2014 year – the government agencies in UK expected shrink the trading deficits. Few days ago the report about these numbers has come out and the results are even more positive for Great Britain. It turned out that the trading deficits in UK has shrunk more than expected and the main reason is the drop of the petrol import. We must mention that the petrol import was not so low since 2010 year. The common trading deficit in UK for the last few months has dropped up to 1.4 billion of GBP, while the expectations were the drop to reach 2 billion of GBP. Note that the petrol import from countries out of EU has recorded drop – especially from Canada – while the big growth is connected to the petrol that Qatar began exporting to most of the EU country members.
Ok, guys, these were all the interesting and latest Forex news for the last few days! Do not miss the next ones very soon! Stay updated with us!