1st march 2015 trading newsHello from us, dear Forex fans! How successful was the previous week for you? We really hope you have earned some really solid profit, so you are motivate enough to proceed with your trading advance. To do so, though, better update yourself and find out what has happened on the Forex market during the previous few days. We are glad to present you with the latest and hottest Forex news from 23rd to 1st of March 2015! So, let`s get started!

South Korea`s household debt with recording numbers!

South Korea`s Central Bank has many things to consider since the recently released report for the household debt was released and showed some really disturbing numbers. The debt signed some really huge recording numbers and the proportion of the duties towards the available funds is more than 160% right now. This sudden and sharp increase of the household debt is another reason for the Central Bank in South Korea to preserve the current interest rate value, although their colleagues from China and Australia have already loosened the measures in a respond to the delay in the growth.

China has shrunk its main interest rate!

In a respond to the newest basic trends in economy growth, as well as to the prices and the current employment level, China has decided to shrink its main interest rate. It is now 5.35%, which is about 0.25% lower rate than the Chinese Central Bank has established few months ago. The main aim for the shrinking of the main interest rate is the support of the levels for the real interest rate, which could now fit the newest economy growth stimulation measures. However, the Chinese Central Bank warned that all of these changes do not lead to a sooner change in the current direction for the fiscal policy of the country.

Ukraine has decided to increase the capital control

The Ukrainian financial institutions are all willing to increase the capital control of the country. This is entirely oriented to the main aim for the country – to stop the panic. Moreover – the Central Bank in Ukraine will introduce some more and new limitations over the financial activities. This became clear after a detailed statement that Valeria Gontareva – the mayor of Ukrainian Central Bank – made in Friday. According to her words, the financial institution will apply strict regime for the import at a value above $50 000. The USD/UAH up to now is 27.2400.

The growth of the Domestic Gross Product in USA was revised

After the revision of the Domestic Gross Product growth in USA the final value was decreased. According to the first report it was about 2.6%, but after the revision the current amount is 2.2%. Both values, though, do not only cover, but exceed the preliminary expectations. Meanwhile, the consumer expenses, which form about 70% of the American economy numbers, have increased with up to 4.2% for the October-December 2014 period. All of these facts indicate that the eventual obstacles for the American economy growth are almost overcome. Last, but not least, this is the first time for USA to fall in deflation after 2009 year.

The inflation in Japan has delayed

The recently released financial reports for Japanese economy have showed that the inflation has delayed for another month during January. To be more specific – this is the sixth month, during which Japanese economy has been delaying the inflation in the country. The expenses of the households have decreased with up to 5% during the first month of the year. On the other side, the consumer prices index has increased with up to 2.2% on an annual base in January. All of these, of course, are influenced by the recently increased sale tax. However, the wholesales were decreased in January with about 2%.

The unemployment rate in German has suddenly slumped

The unemployment rate in German has showed a sudden drop during February. This is the lowest unemployment rate since February 1991. About 3,017 million of people were unemployed during the previous month in Germany, which is with about 121 000 people less than the unemployed people a year ago and with about 15 000 people less than in January. The Federal employment agency in Germany also added that the unemployment rate was decreased with about 0.1 points and now it is about 6.9%. According to the agency the search for people on basic job positions were increased significantly, however, mostly the current available vacancies are in the mechatronics, power engineering and energetic, and transportation and logistics fields.
Ok, guys, these were the most interesting hot Forex news up to now! We hope we will see you again next week, when we will prepare for you the next portion of the latest news from the market!