forex trading news till 10th march 2015Hello, dear Forex traders! We really hope the last week was quite successful and profitable for you! To advance even more, read all of the recent and hottest Forex news. Update yourself and find out what happened during the previous few days – 9th – 15th March February! Focus, concentrate and let`s get started!

The Unemployment Rate in USA has Reduced!

Good news for the unemployment in USA. A recent report has recorded significant drop in the American unemployment rate. It has been deducted up to 5.5%. The data consider February 2015. We remind you that back in the previous month – January 2015 year – the unemployment rate was about 5.7%. Meanwhile, the current unemployment rate is the least rate in the field for the country for the past few 7 years. Note that experts have expected such a progress, but the most positive expectations were at about at 5.6%. During the second month of the year, 295 thousands of new job positions were released.

Erdogan`s Pressure on Turkish Central Bank Might Lead to a Collapse

Turkish government is playing a very risky game that eventually might end up with a huge collapse or in financial language to monetary crisis. It is well-known that Erdogan`s pressure on Turkish Central Bank is the top factor for such a future economic slump. We remind you that during the last week Erdogan has directed its criticism to the national financial institutions and made it consider for more aggressive decreasing of the main interest rate. According to the Turkish leader in policy such a step can stimulate the economy growth. On the other side, all financial experts from all over the world are 100% sure that such a pressure can mostly lead to a collapse, but not to a progress.

The Economy in Eurozone Has Increased During the Last Quarter

The situation in the Eurozone is going ahead with slow, but certain success. It turned out that the economy in the zone has increased with up to 0.3%. The data measures the economy process for the last quarter of 2014 year and the expectations for the future are even brighter. The results, on the other side, correspond to the preliminary made expectations. We must specify that the research refers to all the country members in the Eurozone. The result is general for all the national economies, but there are still countries that should consider some more efforts for the economy growth. Check also our top rated forex brokers.

Monetary Reserves of Switzerland Have Increased!

Switzerland has signed an increase in its monetary reserves. The latest calculations point that the current amount of the Swiss monetary reserves has reached the 500 billions of Swiss Francs. These are the latest facts that concern February and according to the main financial institution in Switzerland the reserve sum might go on increasing. We also remind you that in January, the Central Bank in Switzerland has surprised the investors with its decision to remove the 3-year limit of 1.20 Swiss Francs for 1 EUR. This move was definitely catastrophic for many traders, brokerages and financial investors. Here you can find our selection of swiss forex brokers.

Petrol Price Increase Has Affected Russian Rouble Negatively!

The sudden increase of the petrol price has sent Russian Rouble at a rate up to under 60 points for USD. The current USD/RUB rate is now 59.824 and the sudden stimulus for search of Russian money has motivated the stabilization of the situation in East Ukraine. Even though the sudden and sharp changes, the amount of the warehouse purchases and sales are yet low. Keep in mind that the petrol price has reached with up to 1% this Friday. If you are interested more in the subject you can check out our stock trading article, where we explain all the basics.

German Manufacturing Has Expanded in January

The large and always successful German manufacturing machine has signed another success these days. According to the latest reports the German manufacturing field has expended with about 0.6% during the first month this year. The January report for the production process in Germany in general shows that the progress is definitely not reached its final stage, but new positive expectations for the economy are now motivating the entire country and its main financial institutions. Meanwhile, such a huge growth is a good stimulation for the entire economy – mainly the manufacturing field – in European Union, which accepts Germany as the main power in the Eurozone, too. Last, but not least, note that the biggest increase in German manufacturing process is due to the big success of the industrial manufacturing in January – with an increase of about 0.4%.
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