forex news first week april 2015April has come and with it a new chance to become even better in Forex trading has arrived. Regardless what type of a trader you are, you will definitely need some good monthly strategy to increase you final outcome. And following all the Forex news is always welcomed, when it comes to building such a successful strategy. So instead of losing your time, let`s make a review of what has happened during the last two days of March and the first days from April on the financial market. See the latest Forex news now and update yourself immediately.

High And Nervous Expectations Put Investors into An Annoying Waiting Process For USA Labour Market Results

All traders and investors across the world are put in one of those situations to wait till a report comes out to direct their strategies. This time all eyes are on USA, of course. We are now looking for the report with the labour market results to come out. The results will be essential for you due to the fact that in Thursday, USD has signed a slow delay and a little drop. Even though we are all waiting for a future parity, the USD value is yet not as high as the predictions claimed it to be. As to the report, it will give facts about the unemployment rate in USA, as well as the information about the newest free job positions in the private economy field. And besides the sudden drop of USD price, experts in finances are certain that the expected increase of the American currency is not a chance, but positive. Currently, USD/GBP is 1.50011, the USD/JPY – 119.685, while EUR/USD is 1.08761.

The International Monetary Fund Decreases Its Expectations As to Russian Economy

The International Monetary Fund has become less positive about Russian economy and its growth for 2015. Recently, the representatives of the global monetary institutions have made a statement, where they declared their not so good expectations about Russia. The fund believes that the Domestic Gross Product in Russian will shrink with up to 3-3,8% during the current year. The prognoses are negative with the fact that currently Russia has too many financial problems that in general are not so harsh to be recovered, but the situation with Ukraine takes lots of efforts that makes handicaps for the economy growth. For this reason financial experts, as well as the International Monetary Fund, itself, are sure that 2016 will not be as unsuccessful as 2015 for Russian economy.

Chinese Services Field With An Expansion During March

The Chinese services field has signed really great results for the past month. The expansion in March for China is not so huge, but in comparison to the expectations it covers the current growth plan and it even exceeds its parameters. The increase of the free job positions, as well as of the newest business initiatives, though, falls into the lowest level during the last few 8 months and probably this is something that China should work harder for. All of these, however, lead to the conclusion that probably, the weak Chinese economy does need even more changes and updates in policy in general. The PMI index of Markit has reached 52.3 points during March towards 52.0 in February. In few words, the success of China is measures only in the increase as to the financial final results in local manufacturers and providers in the field of services.

EUR Signes Its Most Flimsy Qyarter in Its History

The situation for EUR is not ok at all. The last quarter – or the first one in 2015 – was so weak for the unified currency that we are all expecting some really drastic measures. EU will definitely not let the drop of EUR to continue and even though the parity as to USD is something that cannot be easily avoided, stimulations are expected to arrive as the only saving steps. Moreover – purchasing force of EUR continues to drop and currently it reached a level of 1.07 towards $1. Thus, the drop as to the American money exceeds 11% since the beginning of the year. All these things make 2015 one of the weakest money for both – EUR and European Union economy in general.

Petrol Price Continues Dropping Even Though The Negotiations

Petrol price goes on with its sudden reduction of the price. This process is now happening at the background of the continuous negotiations between the West world and Iran. Many experts in the field believe it is about a little bit of time for both sides to reach the desired consensus. However, the international political situation might additionally forces another delay for the final decision that is about to be made.
Ok, guys, these were all the latest Forex news up to now! See you here in one week only!