forex news 4th-10th of May 2015Hello, dear Forex lovers and traders! Probably, you expect the latest and hottest Forex news to get updated with the recent market movements and events. We are here to offer them the most important ones among them! Check them out right away and adjust your trading strategy to the latest Forex changes. Here are the hottest news – 4th – 10th May 2015! So, let`s get started!

German Manufacturing Orders Have Been Recovering and Restoring

One of the latest news from Germany is that the manufacturing orders in the country have been recovering and restoring. Of course, the reason for this is the fact that the local search and demand have been increased. This news refers for March and it seems that the next months – April and the current May days follow the same trend, so Germany is about to stabilize by all means. As to a recent report, the inner German manufacturing orders from the biggest national companies have increased with up to 0.9%. We remind you that the same number was announced to be the drop for February month. The news has come from the German Economy Ministry. Though, have in mind that most experts expected even larger increase, but this is ok enough for the manufacturing segment in the country to continue the average growth program in the field. Last, but not least, all the economy specialists are certain for the fact that if the local demand has been increased, then, soon the export orders will also become more in the next few months.

China Registers A Slight Growth of The Inflation

The inflation in China during the previous month – April – seems to register a very slight, but still and existing growth. Most of Chinese economy specialists claim that this is mostly due to the fact that the sudden rise of the food goods prices. Though, this rise is finely compensated and balanced with the planned lower costs of the manufacturing goods. This balance, on the other side, makes it easier for the increase of the pressure put on the government in China as to the monetary policy to go forward. On the other side, the Chinese statistics as to the latest increase of the prices make the Chinese people to buy more food products to make stocks. The wholesale consuming prices have been increased with up to 1.5% in comparison to the same period for the previous 2014 year. We also remind you that in March, the Chinese inflation was about 1.4%. The Chinese government, though, is planning to increase it up to 3%.

American Economy Has Added More Job Positions For April

It seems that America policy against unemployment is working, because 223 thousands more job positions have been added during the previous month. This was an important step, because the unemployment rate in the biggest world economy has headed to a 7-year bottom of about 5.4%. However, the expectations were even bigger, because the economy specialists in America believed that the only chance for a faster recovery of the employment requires at least 228 thousands of new job positions. Still, these results seem to be better than nothing. In March the unemployment rate was about 5.5%, while now in April it is registered with the lower 5.4%. And no matter how larger the expectations were, this drop to 5.4% was the main goal of the American government. that opens are great chance for profits in all USD pairs, maybe check for a proper forex broker and act.

Disappointing Reports From USA Sent USD To Another Bottom

Even though all of us are expecting the parity of the EUR/USD, it seems that we will need to wait more. Some disappointing reports according to the American economy made the price of USD lower than even the worst expectations can make it. Moreover – USD has hit a 2-month bottom and the main reason is of course the fast EUR invasion, which gains more and more positions at Forex market. We remind you that in the end of February USD has suddenly dropped, though, only two weeks later it recovered with a sudden speed! Have in mind that most of the disappointing reports are composed of micro economy data. Investors will now direct their attention mainly to Great Britain, where the elections are expected and they might affect the growth of EUR by all means! Currently, the GBP/USD is 1.5210, while the EUR/USD is 1.10374.

Inflation In Ukraine Has Speeded Up

Another inflation report is about to shock some investors or make them look outside European Union or USA for making the new trading strategy for the upcoming week. It seems that the inflation in Ukraine has speeded up during the last months. In April the inflation in Ukraine was about 14%, while in March it was only 10.8%, while in February – 5.3% and in January – 3.1%.
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