start of november 2014 forex newsHello, guys! As you can see, we don’t give up informing you about the latest events on the global Forex market. Due to this, we are back with the hottest news. Learning them will be definitely useful for your upcoming online trading experience. So, if you are and concentrated enough, check out the latest Forex news from the period between 30th of October and 2nd of November 2014 year.

No change in the employment rated in European zone

It seems that there is no change in the European zone employment rate in September. The month registers a stable position, even though the predictions were quite more negative. According to the Eurostat information and reports, the September employment rate for the region is about 11.5%. Though, the experts are yet troubling about a soon recession. The detailed reports points Austria and Germany as the countries with the lowest rate, while Greece and Spain has the highest employment rate.

Brazil reaches its highest budget deficit

The record-breaking news in Brazil has been announced few days after the second mandate of Dilma Ruseff had begun. According to the official announcement Brazil reaches its highest budget deficit – numbers that were never seen in the Brazilian economy history. In September, the local deficit in the public sector is about 28 billion USD, which is the highest monthly deficit since December 2001 year. Even if Brazil goes to recession during the first quarter of 2015 year, the expectations are clear – Brazil will have its weakest growth since the 90s.

Consuming trust in USA with a 7-year peak top

October was a shaking month for USA economy, but it, though, has returned the local consuming trust to its stable levels. To be more specific – it has gained a 7-year peak top. According to the experts, the positive facts are probably due to the positivism among the American consumers for the entire economy. The consuming trust index for October is about 86,9, which is also the same as the index from the successful July 2007 period – 84,6.

Russian Rouble keeps going down and down

There is no stop for the Russian Rouble and it goes on becoming cheaper and cheaper. Meanwhile, the Russian Government has harshly increased the main rates up to 9.5%. The increase with about 150 basic points is the next desperate attempt of Russia to stop the going down failure of the national currency. USD/RUB is now 42.221.
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