worlds economic news october 2014Hello, online trading fans! It`s been a while since we spoke last time, but we are currently back! Trying to offer you the hot news from the Forex world, we have gathered all the needed information you will need to consider before going on with your upcoming trading experience in the next market week. Check out the latest news from the 9th to 12th period right now!

European Central Bank has been considering a Chinese Yuan investment

It seems that European Central Bank is about to accept the Chinese growth. The ECB will soon have a serious meeting for a discussion about the Chinese Yuan investment. The meeting will be handled during the next week. The main purpose of it is whether to add the Chinese Yuan to all the ECB currency reserves. This information comes straight from informed people from the ECB and the news was spread firstly from the Bloomberg magazine. However, it became clear that, in first, the investment will be probably small and the big ones will come later than a whole year.

British import and export with 4-year lows

The British export and import trade is signed with a certain deficit. The numbers refer to both – goods and services – and the lows have been stable for the last 4 years. Meanwhile, the latest 5 months have been the most scaring one for the British economy since the drop is quite huge. The general import has become less with about 4,2% and this lowering tendency has been settle back in December 2010 year. The deficit in goods has shrunk to 9099 milliards Pounds, while back in 2011 it was 10414 milliards of British Pounds. Curious how this will effect the forex trading with GBP.

Japanese Yen will hit its first growth since August

Even though the natural disasters in Japan, the local currency situation is about to get more steady. The Japanese Yen will hit its first growth since August and it seems that the currency will be able to detain the advance. During this week Yen will probably hold its positions regarding the main 14 from the 16 general foreign currencies. And all of these has been happening despite the ECB chairman Mario Draghi`s prediction of a soon collapse.

Bitcoin continues changing with a slow tempo

The only official virtual currency – Bitcoin – does not register any visible changes of its price. The daily range has been narrowing for another day after yesterday, when it was 24 USD to only 18 USD. The price has taken a hold at 350 USD and it is almost clear that Bitcoin enters certain stabilization for the future, too.
Ok, guys, see you in few days, when we will share with you the latets Forex news! Wish you a successful week, till then check out our top forex brokers Avatrade and for their latest offers!