mid september 2014 forex newsWe are back again and we are ready to list the most exciting and important news in Forex world. The market is still unpredictable and all the traders must be expecting the advance of all the latest events and circumstances. The middle of September, though, has come up with both – surprises and not that unexpected Forex stories. Check out what has happened during the 15th-17th of September! Adjust your forex trading online strategy for the right course! Read a little bit and gain some more.

Bitcoin is heading a giant collapse!

Want to make some trades with the virtual currency Bitcoin? Fine, but before that become aware that Bitcoin is really heading a large decay. The virtual currency breaks lower and new losses have been recorder for this several days again. There were only few hours in the beginning of the week, when Bitcoin succeeded reaching the price of $460. However, later, on Tuesday and early in the morning on Wednesday it has signed a new lowering to $ 452. Many analyses point the UK banks as the guilty elements in this collapse. Well, they are definitely not ready for some new risks – especially having in mind the Scotland situation.

China with an 81 billion USD stimulus for its economy

China has injected about 81 billion USD in its economy. The government plan for motivating the faster growth of the trading and production in the most powerful Asian country has its explanation. This measure is due to the recently signed as a slow economy growth. Indeed, the Chinese analysers used to believe that the Asian economy is able to move ahead more quickly. The resources have been spread in 5 of the largest national banks.

Desperate Japanese attempts for stabilizing the Jen

Japanese Yen has been signed with slide quickness. This happened due to the fact that national pension funds are going overseas. They will favour overseas investment in order to help the Japanese national currency to return its primary position on the market. According to the analyzers, the last month drop of the Japanese Yen is definitely oppressive and deserves a record sign.

British Pound survives aristocratically for a second day!

Besides the fact that worsens the national economy and besides the Scottish political issue, the British Pound has succeeded in its survival. The English currency is yet on an aristocratically level – stable and ready to grow. 16th and 17th of September were quite blessing for the British Pound since it has strengthened versus the Euro. Of course, all of these are due to the lull before the national referendum, as well as before the fateful Monetary Policy Committee meeting.

Russian government warn its people not to panic!

The sudden drop of the Russian Rouble seems not to panic the Russian government. Or this is the next Putin and Co.`s attempt to calm the population down during the crisis in Ukraine. The financial minister – Aleksey Moyseev – speaks that the Russian national currency drop will be soon handled. He believes that this drop is artificially provoked by the EU sanctions.
Ok, guys, that was all! See you in few days here!