18-21st septemrber 2104 trading newsHello, dear Forex traders! We are here once again to inform you with the latest Forex news. Since it is the end of the weekend, it could be good and beneficial for you to learn the current situation on the market, before the working the online trading week begins. Have your eyes focused on our quick Forex news review and do your analyse precisely!

Gold returns to its basics after being on the bottom for 8,5 months!

The last days and to be more specific – months – weren’t the most successful ones for gold. Though, it seems that gold is about to return its basic positions on the trading market. The recovery was recorded on 19th of September, when the investors have bought up their giant stakes back due to the increase of the speculation over the recently expected rise of the interest rate by the Federal Reserve.

Amazingly worrying points and indexes for the EURO

Euro has ended up at potentially important turning point in the end of the week. The EU currency has refreshed its low prices and this is definitely even more visible next to the rise of the USD. Somehow, the online traders and brokers predict the dropping of EURO to continue and this is a real warning sign not for traders only, but also for the large investors. Here I would like to offer our trusted forex brokers offers for all of you our readers.

USD overtakes its highest rising limits

Even though the Federal Reserve has decided to remain the interest rates at their current prices, the USD has been heading new price records. The positive data for the labour market is probably one of the main reasons for this, but definitely not the only one. The investors have welcomed the continuing attempts of the Chinese National Bank to speed up the economy advance. The GBP/USD has become with a new fresh rate of 1.6523 regardless the vote in UK for the Scottish destiny.

British Pound with a significant and stable recovery after the big referendum in Scotland

The 18th of September was a quite big day for both – Scotland as a part of UK and UK. Few days before that, the British Pound had been quite close to a horrible collapse. Though, once the Scottish people have decided to remain in the UK territory and give up from the dreamt independence, the English currency has signed a quick return on the foreign currency trading market. British Pound has ended up the week with a great rise that hasn’t been registered for almost a decade.
These were all the latest news we though you should probably get aware of and start the next financial trading week in a best way! See you here again soon!