markets news second week december 2014Hello, dear Forex lovers! We are back to you in order to inform you about everything that is happening on the Forex market. For this purpose we have gathered for you all the latest hot Forex news for the period between 8th and 14th of December 2014 year. Check out them and adjust your upcoming weekly Forex strategy to the updates and changes on the market!

The banks from the Eurozone have yet debts to the ECB

The European Central Bank hasn’t finished with the collection of all the debts from the European Union members. The banks from the Eurozone go on with the dealing with of its financial obligations to the European Central Bank. This news has additionally put more pressure on the Mario Draghi`s aim to expand the balance of the bank with 1 trillion of USD. 21 of the creditors in the Eurozone will pay off the debt to the ECB – 13, 4 billions of USD, which were given in the very moment of the economy crisis back few years ago. Meanwhile, ECB has announced that other debt owners – 46 banks – have debt of about 26,3 billion of EUR.

The consumer trust in USA is on its 8-year top position

The last report that announced the level of the consumer trust in USA was quite positive for the country. It turned out that the consumer trust in the States has reached it 8-year top position. On the other side, one of the reasons for this fast and unexpected growth is hidden in the improvement of the new alternatives for employment and better salary calculation methods, as well as the lower prices of the petrol. The general index of the consumer trust recently has reached a number of 93.8 points and it wasn’t so high since January 2007 year. Also, this is about 89.5 more of the most positive expectations of the national economy experts.

Japan is not planning new expansion of the stimuli

A recent official statement from economy agencies in Japan says that the country isn’t planning any new expansions of the stimuli. The lower energy expenses will finally give an impetus to the economy and this something that both – Japan and the World Central Bank consider and believe. The Japanese Central Bank also denied the idea that additional financial stimuli are necessary for the prevention of the dropping in the petrol prices these days. This petrol case, on the other side, suppresses the inflation, and this something that the best experts in Japanese Central Bank believe in. Meanwhile, though, the official announcement claims that the stimuli aren’t predicted and planned only for January 2015 year, so probably there is a big chance for them to come later.

The industrial manufacturing in the Eurozone remains above the expectation numbers

October wasn’t very successful and productive for the industrial manufacturing in the Eurozone. A recent research has shown that the industrial manufacturing in the Eurozone remains above the numbers from the recent expectations and analyzes. Meanwhile, the employment in the currency union has a delay in its growth up to 0.2% during the third quarter according to the second one, when the rate was at about 0.3%. Even though the tempo isn’t so high, the industrial manufacturing in the Eurozone is still growing, though and this is a fact no one can actually deny.

The Russian Rouble goes on losing its positions

The financial crisis in Russian and the bad situation of Russian Rouble has changed, but, yet, again in a negative direction. It turned out the national currency in Russia goes on losing its position on the foreign currency exchange market. One of the main leading indexes of the Moscow exchange market, on the other side, has reached its lowest price since April 2009 year. Today, RUB/EUR is about 71,5683, while the RUB/USD has reached the recording rate of 57,5105 right after the moment when the Russian Rouble has become cheaper with about 3/100 according to both common foreign currencies. All of these have made the Russian Central Bank to reconsider the increase of the main rate of interest. According to a recent announcement from RCB the increase of the main rate of interest will reach the amount of up to 10.5%.

China with a new economy goal – growth of about 7%

The giant and significant Chinese power has going on to make positive plans and have highest aims. It turned out that China has a brand new economy growth of about 7%. Besides this the rate of the growth above that level is considered to destroy the trust index both – in the country and from all the other big economy forces from the entire globe. China is aiming even to leave behind the rate of 7%, but what is more important, of course, is not to go above it.
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Ok, guys, these were all the important Forex news for this week! See you soon again!