20-22nd october 2014 trading newsOnce again, we welcome you to our quick and short review of the current Forex market situation. We would like to focus you on the latest news. Check out what has shaken off or stabilized the Forex market during the period between 20th and 22nd of October 2014. Let`s get started, dear Forex world lovers!

EUR goes on sale after the ECB report

EUR has reached its lowest price for this week today. It happened due to the final ECB report, which was officially released on Tuesday. As you know, the European Central Bank has announced the results by the report with all the plans for the contrariwise acquisition of its own stocks and shares. This eventually establishes a brand new sale on the market – the EUR sale. Meanwhile, the negative position of the EUR is affected by the latest winnings of USD towards Japanese Yen at the background of the hot and strong economy news in USA and Asia. The last ones, by the way, have increased the investors` appetite for more risk!

Trading deficit in Japan gained unexpected increase in September!

The trading deficit of goods in Japan has provoked a sudden surprise. It seems that September increases the local trading deficit, which, as a matter of fact, wasn’t expected at all. This has happened after one more other thing that wasn’t expected, either – the sharp increase of the import. This new, by the way, raises a question for the efficiency of the lower Japanese Yen price, which aims the stimulation of the national export. The export has been increased with 6,9% in September regarding the annual rate. On the other side, the import has increased with about 6,2% in comparison with the same period from last 2013 year.

The growth in Chinese with a huge delay

It has become certain that Chinese growth has registered a delay up to 7,3% during the third quarter. This is the slowest rate for the last 4 years. Though, the expectations were even much more negative. So these numbers seem to sound as a positive surprise for the whole Chinese economy world. The Gross Domestic Product for the period between July and September has reduced with 6,6% at the background of the new global economy crisis.

The Bundesbank claims Germany is fine!

After the recent rumors that Germany has a big chance to fall into a technical recession, the national Central Bank –Bundesbank – has made an official announcement. According to Bundesbank representatives Germany is fine and it is not going to any recession. Though, the third quarter isn’t that positive and cheerful as the bank`s announcement. The national economy didn’t even move. Well, there is no moving back, so probably, things for the technical giants in Germany will remain stable.
Ok, guys, these were all the latest news from Forex world! Hope to see you reading the next ones very soon!