stock market trading 3rd week october 2014Hello, dear online trading lovers! We are back! Being devoted to present you the current events in the foreign currency exchange market, we have gathered the most important facts and analyzes once again. See the latest Forex news for the period of 13th to 15th October of 2014 year and consider them in your trading experience during the last days this week. So, let`s get started with the news.

Japanese Yen goes on gaining stable positions on the market!

It seems that no collapses – economy or natural – can stop the popular Japanese industrial and political machine. The local national currency will soon face unseen grows. According to the latest market analyzes, the Japanese Jen is few steps away from reaching record-breaking high values in comparison to all the other currencies. The latest rise of Yen according to USD is going to break any negative suspicions that Japan will not be able to survive on the market. Thus, Japanese Yen is going on the peak, while GBP/USD is about 1,6080 and USD costs 107, 50 Yens.

Trading deficit in India has risen, too!

The trading deficit in India has recorder a raise of 133% just before the local elections. It turned out that the September index in the field is the highest one of the last 16 months. Meanwhile, the import of gold has been becoming higher, too – with about 450%. As to the elections, almost everyone is expecting the National Indian Party to be on the top of the final results.

The national German inflation remains the same

And while most news is connected with particular breaking records, the well-known stability and steady situations in each field in Germany does not go for a change. According to the latest news the German inflation remains the same – at about 0,8% for September 2014 year. These facts, though, are mostly on the negative, but not the positive side for the European Central Bank. The ECB remains under pressure about the introduction of the new economy stimuli for the European Economy Zone. That will make the forex trading with EUR kind of a hard job to do.

Consuming Inflation in Chinese with a delay

And if in Germany the inflation remains the same, things in China are quite different. The latest data depict a slow delay for the Chinese consuming inflation with about 1,6% annually. The index for the manufacturing prices for September 2014 year has gone, on the other side, on a lower level – at about 1,8% for an annual base. According to some of the experts, these numbers will become reasons for providing some new financial stimuli from the World Central Bank.
Ok, guys, these were all up to now. Though, we are waiting forward to inform you with the latest Forex news once again as soon as possible. Stay in touch with us!