3rd week arpil 2015 forex trading newsHello, dear Forex lovers! How was the previous week for you? Did you get some extra cash to cover your regular weekly expenses or you made even a larger breakthrough? We hope you did and we hope you will update yourself with the latest Forex news once again with us, so the next days will be even more profitable for you! So please, check out the hottest Forex news for 13th -19th April 2015 and make your next trades according to the market movements we are about to discuss. Let`s get started, because time is money and we don’t want to waste it!

USD Hit a Weekly Bottom During Another Report Expectation!

Even though the parity of USD/EUR is about the change the entire financial market, currently, USD does not move too forward. On the contrary, the American currency hit a weekly bottom, which was due to the long expectorations for the report about the inflation data in USA. Though, the fundamental theory now is that USD is going to keep being stable for the next few months – regardless the recent or the eventual future delays. Currently, EUR/USD is 1.10374 and during the last week it ranged in 1.07737 and even 1.04614. As a result of the report, by the way, it turned out that during the last month the inflation in USA has increased twice.

The Unemployment Rate in Great Britain Has Reduced in February

The unemployment rate in Great Britain seems to make politicians and economy experts in the country happy and positive as to the next months. The report informs that the unemployment rate was reduced up to 5.6% in February. Moreover, according to the report the main salary has increased, too, with about 1.8% at annual rate towards the increase in January, which was almost 1.6%. The salary increase is mostly due to the introduction of a new system that calculates different working and labour bonuses, which system, as a matter of fact, is better for both – employees and employers. By the way, the financial services field has reported the largest increase of the salaries during the last three months, while the manufacturing sphere has the least increase, which is even close to a delay.

AUD With a Huge Increase For The Last 3 Weeks

The last three weeks were quite profitable and good for the Australian national currency. AUD has increased with recording numbers. This was due to the fact that the last report as to the unemployment rate was released. The information in it was better than the expectations. The unemployment in Australia is reduced up to 6.1%. The employment in Australia was increased with up to 37 thousands of new free job positions, which is a number that is triply less than the expectations. The strong economy data sent AUD to its biggest success since 27 march this year. And even though the local currency in Australia started to lose its leading positions during the last few months, this trend seems to be eliminated soon.

Japan is Now the Biggest Foreign Owner of American State Securities

After a very drastic strategy to acquire more American state securities, Japan has finally turned into the biggest foreign owner of American securities. Currently, the American debt for Japan is 1.2244 trillions of USD. This helped Japan to leave even China behind in this field. Moreover – such a step is a very good progress for the country, especially now, when the financial crisis has become deeper for the last few months. We remind you that the debt is owned by both – the official financial institutions in Japan, as well as numerous private firms and companies from the biggest Asian economy force.

London Might Turn To A World Leading Centre For Bitcoin Trade

Bitcoin enthusiasts are positive and categorical as to the opinion that Great Britain has a completely different and unique opinion towards the virtual currency Bitcoin – especially in comparison to the rest of the biggest economy forces in the world. Moreover – specialists from the financial field and mostly in Bitcoin sphere are positive for the fact that London has all the chances to become the leading centre for Bitcoin trade. We also remind you that Great Britain was one of the first countries that announced its generous and honest support towards the virtual currency Bitcoin. And it seems that this announcement will soon lead London to the position of the biggest trading centre for Bitcoin in the world. Well, guys, we will keep following this topic by all means!
Ok, Forex enthusiasts, that was all from the latest Forex news for this week! Hope we see you here once again during the next week once again! Have great and profitable Forex days!