forex news before christmas 2014Hello guys! Hope the upcoming winter holidays haven’t distracted your attention to much and you are still up to make some more outcomes during the last days of the 2014 year. For this purpose, though, besides some good concentration and strong motivation, it could be good for you to get updated for the latest changes and updates on the Forex market. We have gathered for you the necessary information, so you can begin the next week with some brand new Forex profits. Check out the latest Forex news for the period between 15th and 21st of December 2014 year right now!

Russian Rouble continues becoming cheaper during the next 2015 year

Many experts both – from Russia and foreign – remain negative according to the situation of the Russian Rouble. Almost all of them claim that the reducing of the price of the Russian national currency will continue in the next 2015 year, as well. They have also added that this time is the right moment for all the investors to take the benefit of the low value of the Russian Rouble and to take under consideration all of the sudden moves and specula systems. Of course, the main reason for the Rouble crisis of the 2014 year, is the large and threatening pack of sanctions that the European Union has put on the Russian country, economy and society back. We also remind you that during this week the Russian Central Bank has increased the main interest rate once again and it has reached the amount of 17% up to now. Additional increasing plans for the Russian interest rates during the next year aren’t impossible, either.

The Columbian Central Bank has saved the current interest rate

The Central Bank in Columbia, on the other side, unlike the Russian Central Bank, remained silent, stable with its next moves and with no updates. The Columbian Central Bank decided to save the current interest rate, so it is yet 4.5%. The CCB, though, as the leading economy institution in the country, has stopped the program for the three-month purchases of USD, which we remind you began back in 2012 year. It is curious to know that the decision for the remaining 4.5% interest rate was made with unanimity, so the Columbian finances and economy are definitely going to advance in the next 2015 year.

Russian increases its gold reserves for eight time during this month

Russia has decided to increase its gold reserves once again. We must tell you that this is the eight time for such a move towards and against the Putin`s and Rouble`s crisis only for the past 30 days. The physical amount of the gold reserves goes higher, but their value in USD, though, just cannot change due to the reducing of the gold price. Russia takes 5th place for the chart of top countries with large gold reserves. Till 1st of December the entire gold reserve for Russia was about 38,2 millions of ounce. Though, the previous November month reducing of the gold price in Russia, stops the country to reach the level of stabilization it looks for.

Belarus has introduced a foreign currency purchase fee!

Belarus becomes the next and one of the few countries in the world, where additional fee for purchasing a foreign currency has been introduced. The big difference between all of such countries and Belarus, though, is that the second one has gone too far. The fee will be about 30% of the purchase amount and this measure is introduced aiming to increase the attractiveness behind bank savings in Belarus Roubles. This step, of course, is offered and made by the Central Bank in Belarus, but the entire government announced its full support in such a program. Belarus official states claim that the price of Belarus Rouble might even go up unlike the serious crisis in Russia.

The excess of the current account in the Eurozone has become lower during October

A recent report from the European Central Bank claims that the excess of the current account for the finances in Eurozone has become lower during the October month 2014 year. The balance is positive – about 20,5 billions of EUR – for the tenth month of the year. Though, in September it was much higher – of about 32 billions of EUR. We remind you that measuring this excess is highly important mostly for the investors. The more stable or higher this excess becomes, the bigger the trust of the investors is. Eurozone, though, remains tranquil for the current situation pointing the sudden recession as a delay that will eventually be overcome during the next few months from the 2015 year.
Ok, guys, these were all the interesting and significant Forex news from now up to know! Hope to see you here soon, and please do not miss the latest offers we got from our premim partners – XM, IronFx and Easy Forex.