trading news first week november 2014Hello, dear and so concentrated and successful Forex lovers! As you can see, we haven’t given up on informing you with the latest events that has happened on the Forex market. So, now we are back with our next portion of Forex news. Check out the latest new to mention for the period between the 3rd and 5th of November 2014.

Unexpected cuts from the CB in Iceland

Iceland might be in a shock now, because some huge surprises have happened in its national economy. The Central Bank in Iceland has cut off the rate up to 5.75%. Such a move hasn’t been done since 2011 year, when the currency interventions made the Iceland Crone and reduced the local inflation. This year`s cut off till 5.75% comes from the 3-year 6%, which seemed forever for the local population. Though, it seems they aren’t…

The retail trade in the Eurozone registers a huge drop

The Eurozone might have seemed to you ok for the past few days, but the newest records about its economy say something else. It turned out that the retail trade in the region has signed a slowdown, which is calculated with a 1.3% lowering during September 2014. Though, some of the experts in the field are actually ok with these results, because they have expected a lower drop – at about 2.1%. We remind you that August signed a rise with about 1.9%, but the upcoming recessions in EU.

New huge rise of the USD

American USD seems to deny giving up. And this has become obvious after the rise of the USD, which was recently observed. This has happened right after the elections as a matter of fact. Naturally, such a growth of the USD is logical and it usually happens, when the American nation is facing their biggest event – to give their votes. However, the republic win has also increased the appetite for risk of the foreign investors, too. The GBP/USD is now about 1,5925.

The Russian Rouble course will be determined by commercial factors

After the sudden and slow lowering of the Russian Rouble, one important decision was made. It turned out that the Russian Rouble course will be determined by commercial factors. The Central Bank announced that it will limit the daily investments up to 350 million USD. Meanwhile, the USD/RUB is now 44.393.
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