last week january 2015 forex newsHello, dear Forex lovers! The month is over, but our struggles to inform you in time about all the latest events that happen on the market don’t. So we are back to you once again, because we have gathered for you the hottest news from the Forex market, which cover the last days of January. If you are a ready, let`s begin with the Forex news for the period between 26th of January and 1st of February now!

ECB with positive signals for the Eurozone

Recently, the financial expert Peter Praet has made a statement about ECB, its expectations and the things that are actually happening and processing right now in the Eurozone. According to the expert, the European Central Bank sees positive signals from the Euroze and he claims that the inflation in the currency block will remain negative during the current 2015 year – or at least of most of it. Praet, who is a banker in the ECB, also says that there is a sudden growth of the credits for December and there`s also a bigger financial flow into non-financial companies. All of these make it possible for the ECB to become a little bit more tranquil and optimistic about the Eurozone in general.

Russia expect 3% economy drop

Russia has announced the results of its recent research for the economy 2015 year. According to this research an economy drop of 3% is expected. Moreover – the financial experts in Russia and the Russian Central Bank, itself, predicts the inflation to reach 14%, which was approved by the expectations given by the Russian Economy Minister – Aleksei Ulyukaev. All of these, of course, will be due to the low petrol price, as well as to the sanctions that have recently came and updated by the European Union. The interference in Ukraine, though, is slightly removed from the suspicions, but we cannot just move out from this problem and say that Russia will not have issues do its actions. We remind you that inflation in 2014 year were 11.4% , while Russia right now expects a sudden runaway of its capitals, which in last year reached the recording 132 billions of EUR. On the other side, Moscow claims that the first days from the current 2015 year has increased the economy growth slightly – with about 0.6%.

The Ukrainian Grivna goes on dropping

The speedy drop of the Ukrainian Grivna continues and it is quite fast and a progressive process. Moreover – the Ukrainian national currency has become cheaper with about 13-25% for the last few weeks, which was confirmed in an official statement by the World Central Bank, as well. In Friday, the currency reached this value – USD/UAH 15.9075, which is a drop of 0.09% for one week only. All of these, as you know, affect the entire economy in Euroze and the national countries in EU, too. Last, but not least, the drop of the Domestic Gross Product for January – November 2014 of about 7.5% is also quite concerning for Ukraine, as well.

The deflation in the Eurozone goes deeper

According to recent reports, the deflation in Eurozone goes deeper. Meanwhile, the consumer prices become lower with about 0.6% and January becomes a second month, when this dropping in prices remains almost stable. Such news can put another pressure on the European Central Bank, which, as you remember, will begin purchasing national and corporate shares. This will be the next attempt made by the Eurozone to stabilize the situation by taking the currency block out of the deflation spiral. The EUR/USD is now 1.1342 and ECB admits that the lower petrol prices, though, must increase the purchasing capacity, but not to shrink the consuming search.

The Inflation in Japan with a slight delay

The Japanese inflation has signed a slow and slight delay, too. The report is for the period between December 2014 year and the first days from the current 2015 year. Moreover – the delay is at about 2.5% and according to the Japanese Central Bank this level is above its primary goal to put a drastic pressure on the inflation. The financial experts in Japan are now more than positive about the economy during the next few months, but, yet, the Central Bank in Japan will not risk and will ask from the World Central Bank new support for the stimulation of the prosperity cycle in the expenses of the third largest global economy.
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Ok, guys, these were all news from us up to now! We will be here during February, too, so do not miss our next sessions of hottest and latest Forex news in one week only! See you very soon and up to then – good luck with your investments!