trading news first week november 2014Hello guys! Have you missed us recently? If yes, then you are looking for some news from the Forex market! Thankfully, we are here and would like to tell you that we haven’t forgotten you and we are back with the latest Forex market news! So, let`s get started. Check out the latest Forex news for the period between 6th and 9th of November 2014 year! Consider them before the upcoming week begins and you will face your future Forex trades.

Chinese import and export with a delay during October

According to a recent national Chinese report the local import and export have signed a slight delay. The October news and numbers aren’t quite ok for Chinese import and export. The import commercial excess of the second large world economy in the world have reached about 45,5 billions of USD. On the other side, the export has grown up to with 11.6% during October 2014 year. Meanwhile, some of the global experts believe that this isn’t actually a real delay. The delay was supposed due to the fact that September was quite better for both – export and import in China. We bet that the top forex brokers will offer some nice deals related to that.

Russia supposes that Russian Rouble has reached its bottom

In Russia, the situation of the national currency has been considered as worst than ever. Both – experts and ordinary people – think that the Russian Rouble has reached its bottom. On the other side, the local economy minster believes that Rouble will recover. Though, he is realistic enough to believe that this isn’t going to happen soon, but soon in future. The Russian interventions will be reduced up to 350 millions of USD per day. It is only a matter of time to see, if they will be enough. It is clear that this Rouble crisis is due to all the sanctions that Russian is suffering from due to its Ukraine problem.

The strong USD is a high risk for the entire world economy

Some of the most reputable and skilful financial experts believe that the growth and the stable situation the USD can boast with is actually risky for everyone. Thus, Mohamed El-Erian – the main economy consultant in Allianz claims that the strong USD is actually threatening the entire global economy, but not only all the world foreign currencies. Related to that we got some nice forex trading explanation for you.

The USA unemployment has reduced up to 5.8%

October has changed the unemployment rate in USA. According to a final unemployment report for the month the future unemployment will be even lower. October signs a 5.8% deduction and USA believe that this is a good beginning for their future plans for even higher unemployment reducing process. We remind you that the September unemployment rate in USA has reached 5.9%.
Ok, guys, these were all from us! We hope we see you again with our next Forex latest news. See you soon and have more gains during the upcoming Forex trading week!