first week january 2015 forex newsHello, guys! Happy New Year and Happy New Ways to discover the beneficial world of Forex market! We are here with you during the current 2015 year to provide you with the latest Forex news again! So, if you are ready to trade after the big winter holidays, do not miss to check out all the latest Forex news for the period between 28th of December 2014 year and 4th of January 2015 year. Let`s get started!

Bitcoin was the least profitable currency in 2014 year

Even though the initial expectations for the first official virtual online exchange currency, Bitcoin has not registered success in the previous 2014 year. According to a recent research Bitcoin turned out to be the least profitable currency on the Forex market. Bitcoin left behind even the Russian Rouble and the Ukrainian Hryvnia in this negative chart. Looking at this chart, you can see that the Bitcoin vs USD had a decline of about 52%. Meanwhile, the second member of this chart is the Ruble vs. USD, which is about 46%.

Nikkei 225 will transfer about 20 thousands points in 2015 year

Lots of analyze experts claim that Nikkei 225 is about to transfer 20 thousands points during the current 2015 year. We remind you that the leading market index in Japan has grown during the past 2 years with about 70%, but this seems not to be the end of this progress. Also, the experts believe that the corporate reports will be much stronger than those from the previous two years. Daiwa experts also claim that the USD will be between 124-134 Japanese Yen.

The industrial activity in the Eurozone during December became lower

Experts in the industrial field came up with a new report that shows the drop of the industrial activity in Eurozone during the previous month – December 2014 year. The common weakness of the PMI index has lived up to everyone`s expectations and meanwhile the monetary stimuli from European Central Bank did their job, but not efficiently enough. The drop came with really slow rate, but many experts from ECB believe that they should apply new measures to reduce the process to the minimum.

The industrial activity in China with a delay

The industrial activity in China did not register positive advance, either. On the contrary, it has registered a new delay during the last month of December. This means that China will face a new challenge during the current 2015th year, but most of the experts believe that the country`s general economy growth will end up with successful intervention in industrial activity, too. Though, according to the facts China never had such a slow year, when it comes to industrial activity, since 1999 year. The official index of the managers that are in charge with the deliveries – the PMI index – has a drop of about 50,3 points.

Venezuela confirmed its recession

The latest announcements by the Government in Venezuela showed that the recession is already a fact. Indeed, Venezuela confirmed its recession after the final calculation of the annual inflation, which seems to reach 63.3% during November, Many experts believe that the facts for the previous month of December will be even more negative. The Central Bank, on the other side, said that the Domestic Gross Product in Venezuela has been shrinking during each quarter of the previous 2014 year. The regulators also announced that the payment balance in Venezuela is with a surplus of about 6,8 billions of USD up to the end of the third quarter of 2014 year. On the other side, the surplus of the current bill was registered as 899 millions of USD.

The consumption adjustment in USA stabled during December

Even though the many negative expectations about the consumption adjustment in USA, it seems that has finally reached the necessary stable condition. According to a research the stabilizing process was finalized during December of 2014 year and the current Index of the Conference Board reached up to 92,6 points, while in November it was about 91 points. Lin Franco, who was part of this research, said that the consumption trust has improved in moderation with no sudden increasing or reducing. We remind you that the peak point of the index was registered back in October, when it was about 94,1 points.
Ok, guys, these were all the latest Forex news from the last days of 2014 year and the first hours of 2015 year! Stay in touch with us, because we will be back quite soon with the latest Forex news again! Have a great trading week!