second week november 2014 trading newsHello, guys, we are back to inform what has been going on the Forex world recently. We have gathered the most exclusive news to show you the updates and the changes on the market. So, if you are ready to focus and trade updated, please, check out the latest Forex market news. All of them are from the period between 14th and 16th of November 2014 year.

The Brazilian Real has reached its 9-year bottom

Right after the re-election of Dilma Ruseff, the national foreign in Brazil has registered a new – negative – record. According to the latest analysis, the Brazilian Real has reached its 9-year bottom. The BLR has lost 0.5 % of its value and there wasn’t such a failure since April 2005 year. This news are corresponding to the recently started investigation of the Brazil`s biggest petrol producer. We remind you that national agencies are looking for proving the speculations over the company`s involvement in money laundry.

The inflation in EU with a slight stature

A recent research of Eurostat has lead to a conclusion that the inflation in European Union has signed a slight stature. According to the official data, the October inflation index of all the consumer prices has a stature of about 0.4%, while in September it was nearly 0.3%. We remind you that the October 2013 index of EU inflation was about 0.7%. The report by Eurostat has also mentioned that only in 5 of the country-members in EU the deflation process go on yet. The worst situation is in Greece.

The crediting stature in China with a slow delay

According to a recent official national report, China has signed a slow delay in the crediting stature in October 2014 year. The Central Bank in China has confirmed these facts and meanwhile, it has a new plan for the support of providing more credits to the local investors and businessmen. The reasons for all of these are hidden in the increasing financial risks and the weak national search. The October total amount of national credit is up to 89,7 billion of USD.

Italian national economy has shrunk during the third annual quarter

The latest economy in Italy isn’t very fine. According to an official research the national economy has shrunk during the third annual quarter. Meanwhile, the information shows that Italian economy continues delaying in the second part of 2014 year. Last, but not least the Italian Domestic Gross Product has been deducted with 1%.
Ok, guys, these were all the latest Forex news up to now! See you soon!