online trading news second week november 2014Hello guys, it`s been a while since we haven’t been here to update you with the latest Forex news. Thankfully, we are back and we will quickly inform you what is going on the foreign currency exchange market. Check out the latest Forex news right away. All of the events and news are from the period between 10th and 13th of November 2014.

Chinese industrial production with a delay

The Chinese machine has registered a slow delay in its economy level. According to a recent official report from the government agencies in China, the industrial manufacturing process wasn’t that progressive as most people here expected. Indeed, the delay for October is slow, but preserving the leading positions on the global economy stage is hard. And this delay will probably cost a lot to China. The delay is about 7.7%, while in September it was 8%. I bet that the forex traders are finding this usefull so maybe check our best forex bonus page for some fantastic offers for all traders

Russian economy with a decent growth

Even though with a serious financial crisis, Russian isn’t on the bottom by all means. The latest news from the Russian government is that the national economy in Russia has registered a decent growth. The numbers are for the third annual quarter and they do not involve the issues with Russian Rouble. Yet, the 0.7% economy growth is a fact.

The unemployment in USA might be in worse situation

After the release of an annual report for the USA unemployment rate, it became clear and obvious that the American government has no problems in this field. Though, the last few days seem to be quite dynamic and too busy for all the state workers in the labour agencies. The applications for unemployment have suddenly become more and more during the last few weeks. Moreover – the week between 1st and 8th of November 2014 year has registered up to 12 thousands more applications and made the entire total of 290 thousands. Still, USA claims that the national labour market is more than fine.

Germany with stable level of the inflation

No matter who said that there isn’t anything in the world that can shake the Germany machine off, was absolutely right. Right after the spread rumours about the industrial delay in Germany and later, when speaks over recessions have flooded the web, the final report for the October 2014 inflation rate has come out. According to it, Germany keeps it stable and the inflation rate is the same as it was in September – 0.7%.
Ok, guys! Up to know these were all of the most interesting Forex news from us! See you soon at the same place!