27th-29th cotober 2014 economic trendsHello, dear Forex world obsessed guys! The time for a quick update has come and we are happy you are back on our site to get the significant info you need to make your future trades. So, we are presenting you the latest news that has crushed the Forex market. See what has happened on the foreign currency exchange market between 27th and 29th of October 2014 right away!

USD keeps registering more losses

Waiting for the end of the Federal Reserve meeting, the USD is about to continue signing some really trouble-making losses. The American currency has now 3 consecutive days of negative territory towards the EUR, which, by the way, seems to register an elusive progress. The prognosis of increasing the rates till October 2015 year has dropped to 50%, while back in September this year they were about 85%. Meanwhile, the EUR/USD is now 1,273 and GBP/USD comes t 1,612.

German export to Russia goes to a 5-year bottom

The German export towards Russia is now looking for some new records. Such a 5-year bottom is probably due to the recessions, but according to the specialists, it will even become worse and worse. The drop from the beginning of 2014 year is with about 16.6% (20,3 billions of EUR). This is the worst result for the past few 5 years and according to the German list of the most important industrial partners Russia has fallen from 11th to 13th place. Meanwhile, the EUR/RUB is now 54.610.

Top properties can be now bought with Bitcoins

The only official virtual currency – Bitcoin – cannot stop gaining more and more positive positions on the Forex market. We are really expecting to see it on the first positions quite soon. Such a prediction isn’t serious for some of you, but here that – you can now buy top properties in USA, France, Antigua and in the Dominican Republic with Bitcoins. All of them are one of the best and the most luxurious offers on the property market these days. If you don’t believe in Bitcoin success yet, here is one more thing. A small Australian city – named Lanchester – has shared its ambitions to become the leading region economy, based on the crypto currency, across the entire world. The local financial specialists are even trying to force the idea to go for the Bitcoin fully and expelling all the other currencies.

Experts: Switzerland may rearrange the world money system

Experts thing that if in Switzerland vote for higher gold reserves for the national Central Bank, the gold price will go higher than ever. The referendum in Switzerland is again a big threaten for entire Europe. Though, Forex specialists are now even more worried. They believe that if Switzerland embraces the local motto “Save our Swiss gold”, there`s going to be a real earthquake for the world money system.
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