Hi, guys! It`s been few days since we have recently informed about what`s going on the foreign currency exchange market. Well, we are back here to give you even more. If you want to remain updated, check out the latest news from the Forex world. See what has happened during the period between 23rd and 29th of October 2014 year.

British Pound gets it chance to come back!

Last few weeks weren’t nice for the British Pound at all. The Scottish problem, as well as many other additional national reports and economy issues in Great Britain made the currency reach its worst bottoms. Though, things might get a bit more stable for the British Pound. The British national currency stopped its negative falling down. This has happened after the latest report over the facts and numbers about the Domestic Gross Product has been officially released. It says that the recent 0.7% growth will definitely bring the British Pound back.

Consuming trust in Germany is now stable!

They say nothing can shake the German machine. And, probably, there`s a lot of truth in this saying. Recent news has been claiming that the national German consuming trust is now again back to normal. The improvement is about 8,5, which is higher with 0,1 in comparison to the last year October index of the consuming trust in Germany. Of course, the national government and the economy agencies will need to push it even harder.

Russian Rouble continues becoming lower and lower

The cheap Russian Rouble will be probably cheaper and cheaper during the next few months. The things in Russia aren’t ok and the national currency rate is a real proof for that. In the beginning of this week the Russian Government has sold 1 more billion USD from its currency reserve in order to succeed in supporting the Rouble. The current USD/RUB rate now is about 41.841. We will continue checking the things in Russia, too.

The economy in South Korea seems to go to revival

The national economy in South Korea has registered a slight improvement, which is a real hope for the local revival. The Domestic Gross Product has been becoming bigger with about 0.9% per month. The annual rise is expected to reach 3.2%. Meanwhile, the national stimuli do not end. The financial minister in South Korea promises to spend about 29 billion USD till the end of the year in order to stabilize the economy.
Ok, guys these were all for this week! See you again with the latest Forex news as usual!