last days november 2014 trading newsHello, dear Forex dabblers! We are back to update you with the latest news and important facts from the market. Get concentrated and read the next few paragraph to make even a better and more profitable Forex strategy for the upcoming week. For this purpose, focus on all the key hot news from the Forex world and for the period between 27th and 30th of November 2014 year.

India has surprisingly cancelled the limits for gold import

A sudden move from India has shocked many Forex players on the market recently. India has surprisingly cancelled all the limitations for gold import. The ban was introduced last year and the main aim was to reduce the record deficit of the current account in the Asian country. The Central Bank in India has officially announced the rule for all the commercial traders to export up to only 20% of the imported in the country gold. From now on this ban is over for India.

Denmark has registered a sudden growth in its economy

Another positive surprise has stroke the Forex world. It turned out that the national economy in Denmark has managed to progress for the period of the third quarter in 2014 year. The growth has increased the Domestic Gross Product with up to 0.5% in comparison to the second quarter of the year. The economists in Denmark, by the way, actually expected a 0.1% drop. However, after this sudden news, they expect more than 1% of growth for the annual Domestic Gross Product. Tips how to use this information you can find here.

The unemployment in EU has reduced

The unemployment rate among the European Union has become lower during October 2014 year. The unemployed people in EU are now 24,4 millions of people. Meanwhile, the annual unemployment rate is also reduced with about 0.7 points. Greece is the biggest problem, when it comes t unemployment yet, while Austria records the best progress of deducting the unemployment rate. The primary data from the Eurostat agency show that the inflation in November is also reduced.

The Japanese industrial manufacturing with a growth

The Japanese Industrial manufacturing rate was higher than expected for the October month. The recently released data shows that the unemployment in the country is also shrinking with about 3.5%. Meanwhile, the expenses of households are also less at the background of the low inflation in the country.
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