forex news till 15th february 2015Hello, Forex fans and admirers! We are back here with you to inform you what happened on the market for the past few days. Check out the most important and hottest news from 10th to 15th February 2015 and consider them, when you update your current trading strategy for the new profitable week. So let`s get started, because the latest Forex news are not few at all!

Weak Reports for USA Made USD Cheaper

The wholesale reports for USA were released in Thursday. The results were not very positive what made the USD to reduce its recently increased price suddenly. On the other side, this event also gave a chance to the unified European currency to take a deep fresh breath, which was also supported by the perfect reports for Germany. The weak economy news for USA has put big pressure on USD, as well as on those, who are continuing applying unemployment subsidy requests. To be more specific – according to the reports the wholesale rate has shrunk up with 0.8% during January, which is an amount that is quit less than the primary expectations. This is the second month, during which the shrinking process has been exceeding. We remind you that the wholesale rate in December was shrunk with about 0.9%. The EUR/USD is now 1.14328, while the GBP/USD is 1.54002.

The Money Supply Growth in China – the Slowest Since 1998

A recent report for the money supply rate in China has showed some really negative results for the Asian country. According to the results the January rate for the money supply growth is the slowest since 1998 year. On the other side, the report says that the newly released credits in CNY signed a 5.5-year annual top. The financial experts in China believe that Peking will loosen up its fiscal policy even more – aiming to avoid the sharper economy delays in future. It is also curious to know that during the first weeks of 2015 year the money aggregator M2 has increased only with 10.8% at an annual balance. The Central Bank in China accepts it as a very concerning delay and new measures might be suggested soon.

Greek Domestic Gross Product Has Shrunk

Another shrinking in the economy of a country that has attracted lots of attention during the previous few days has been observed in Greece. It turned out that the Greek Domestic Gross has shrunk with about 0.2% during the fourth quarter of the previous 2014 year. Moreover – the annual delay is about 1.7%, which makes the situation in Greek even more serious. The Domestic Gross Product drop for the October-December period is about 0.2%, while the one for the third quarter of the previous 2014 year has a sudden growth of about 0.7%. Even though 2014 year was the first year after six years of recessions where growth was reported, Greece has many problems to consider and solve right away.

French Economy with a 3-month Growth

The last quarter in French economy was quite positive. The economy in France has registered a slow expansion and according to the official data the growth is about 0.1%. Moreover – according to the latest financial and economy French reports the economy in France has signed a total annual growth of about 0.4%, which is the same amount of growth that the country registered in 2013 year. Still, France goes on trying to increase the taxes and the interest rates in order to stimulate the growth with more redistribution plans and process.

German Economy with Huge Expansion

The financial and economy results for Germany were ok, too. The recently released reports showed some really positive progress for German economy and according to them it has expanded up with 0.7% during the fourth quarter of 2014 year. This result has made the financial experts in France quite positively surprised, because they were expecting a growth of about 0.7% for the period. All of these mean that the strongest economy power in Europe – Germany – has remained far away from recession and according to the preliminary facts there will be no chance for the country to immerse in it during 2015 year. Well, it is a matter of time to see if this is totally right.

Sweden Has Reduced the Main Rate

In Sweden, the Central Bank has decided to reduce the main interest with about 0.1%. This step has made the Swedish Crone cheaper for a very short time. Moreover – the Swedish Central Bank is about to begin a process of purchasing the national securities for about 12 billion of USD in order to try to increase the inflation. The experts from the Swedish Central Bank, though, are still in worries for the fact that the situation abroad is not very ok, which will additionally add some delays for the national economy growth.
Ok, guys, these were all the news from the market up to now! See you again very soon!