last forex news for 2014 happy new yearThe end of the current 2014th year has come. But the end of our constant updates for the Forex market is not close at all! We are here to present you the hottest Forex news for the end of 2014th year. See all the news for the period between 22nd and 28th of December right away! Consider them for your future Forex trading strategy and good luck! So, let`s begin!

The consumer trust in Italy has dropped during December

According to a latest research the consumer trust in Italy has registered a drop. The news is linked only to December, but in November the index was not very high either! As a matter of fact, the December consumer trust index for Italy hasn’t been that low since February, when the crisis in this field became even deeper. The exact December index has shrunk up to 99.7 from 100.2 (November). The only positive thing here is that Italy expects for the index to grow up to 101.7 during the upcoming few months of the New Year.
Russian Forex dealers must owe at least 100 millions of Roubles from now
A new law, which is about to be put on force, claims that the Russian Forex dealers must owe even more money from now. The exact amount is 100 millions of Russian Roubles. The document was accepted on 16th of December 2014 year and Federation Union has approved it right on the Christmas day – on 25th of December. Meanwhile, the change of the law regulates the Forex dealers as separated members of the market for the first time. The USD/RUB now is 56.129.

Japan put under stress test the small and average banks

Japan has surprised the world once again! The next non-standard decision the Japanese government has taken is devoted to the better control over the small and average banks. The action is to put under stress tests all these banks aiming to get a final estimation if the too much amount of money in the system does not actually has large pressure for the entire sector. The Japanese financial regulator has already started these tests and the national government expects the first results and impressions during the first days of the upcoming 2015 year.

Belarus has reduced its fee for buying foreign currency

Right after introducing a new and extra high fee for foreign currency purchase, Belarus has changed its mind. During this week the government has considered to reduce the fee, because according to it the situation of the financial and foreign currency market in the country is stable and better now. We remind you that in beginning, the fee was mentioned to be 30%. The new and final fee for foreign currency purchase is only 20%, which, though, isn’t that low at all, either! On the other side, many experts believe that the first fee of 30% has actually put the financial market of Belarus in this current stable situation. The USD/BYR now is 10.959.

The Russian Domestic Gross Product has reached a negative bottom for the first time during the last 5 years!

The economy of Russian has shrunk up to 0.2% on month and with 0.5% on an annual base. Due to this the Russian Domestic Gross Product has remained negative for the first during the last 5 years. The last time such a negative DGP Russian has reported in October 2009 year. According to the official facts that the Russian Government has released the exact index of the Domestic Gross Product for the country is -0.5. This means that the reducing is about 0.2% for the last 2 months and the main negative influence for all of these comes from the problems in manufacturing. On the other side, the PMI index has reached a low under the limit with about 50 points.

The unemployment rate in France has made a record!

According to a final research for the year, the unemployment rate in France has reached a recording number. The entire common unemployment rate has been increased up to 3 488 000 people for November month. The number of people, who look for job, has increased with up to 5.8% according to the last 2013 year. Meanwhile, the current rate for December is about 9.9% according to the best specialists in the field. Adding more and more working positions was the key characteristic of the election campaign that the current president Oland has made. Few months ago, he made a statement, where he tells that if this goal will not be achieved, Oland will not go on the future elections during 2017 year.
Ok, guys! Up to know and up to the end of 2014 year these were all the hot Forex news. Make sure you stay with us the next year, too!