forex trading news till 29th march 2015Hello, Forex traders! Hope you had a fantastic and very beneficial for your budget week! And we hope even more for the next one to be even more successful. To secure your current trading strategy, don’t forget to update yourself with the latest events and happenings on the financial market. So, please, let aside your broker webpage for a while and read our pack of latest and hottest Forex news- 23rd to 29th March 2015! Let`s get started!

The Budget Deficit in Spain Has Reached Shocking Numbers For 2014

A recent report for the previous 2014 has released some shocking news and number for the economy in Spain. It turned out that the budget deficit in the sunny country reached 5.7% from the Domestic Gross Product overall amount. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate in Spain additionally puts some pressure on this number. Moreover – Spanish experts in the field believe that the Spanish unemployment rate in Spain will rise even more and will exceed to 22%. Though, still, European Union is entirely convinced that Spain does obey its economy obligations to EU and up to now there will be no significant collapses for it due to Spanish economy bad news. We also remind you that recently Spain was obliged to return a significant part of its taxes budgets back – about 1.7 billions of USD due to a court finding.

The Economy in USA Has Expanded During 2014

Another report for the previous 2014 year has made us inform you about a significant fact that refers to foreign currencies and Forex market, too. Recently, USA has released its report for the overall economy overview during 2014. The results are quite positive for the States. It is clear that the economy in USA has expended and probably all of us have expected this, but the number of this expansion is definitely impressive – with about 2.4%. Moreover, according to the same report, the corporative profits in USA also signs progress, because such profits actually appear for the first time after 2008 year. This is definitely the huger and the fastest expansion for the economy in USA since 2010 and the prediction for the current 2015 are more than just positive. Last, but not least, bear in mind that the companies in USA also sign some good profits, because they have even increased their reserves with about 80 billions of USD.

Switzerland Faces Harsh Times

After the collapse that Swiss Central Bank has caused to the entire world – especially for Forex world – with its unexpected and sudden action with the increasing of Swiss Franc value, probably it is time for some justice, because the latest economy and financial news for the company are not positive at all. Switzerland is facing harsh times and a slow period of deflation has taken place during the previous week. On the other side, the experts from Swiss National Bank go on warning the entire world that the negative effect on the economy activity in the country made by the stronger Swiss Franc will continue. The deflation is of course caused by the sudden move of EUR in January. The index of the consumer prices will also fall into a very deep negative territory. This will additionally take the Swiss economy away from any significant growth or progress.

Japan Has Reached Zero Inflation Again

As to the inflation in Japan, there is nothing so much to worry about – or at least the Japanese financial and economy experts claim so. The Japanese inflation has reached zero level and this result does not account the effect by the increasing of the national tax for the sales during last April. The drop of petrol price, meanwhile, complexes the Japanese task to achieve its inflation goals. Still, though, the inflation in Japan remains 2% for February, which is 0.2% lower than the inflation index in January. We remind you that in the middle of March the President of the Japanese Central Bank warned that the inflation may become negative due to the dropping prices of the petrol and back in those days the Central Bank wanted to achieve at least 2% for its inflation till spring.

The Actual Salaries in Germany With Huger Than The Expected Rise

One of the main goals for the German government in 2014 was the increase of the salaries. The goal is achieved, but it even left behind the expected numbers. The actual salaries for 2014 year reached higher sums that the predictions mentioned. It turned out that the rise is about 1.7%, which is not higher than the predicted sums only, but even higher than the largest increases during the last few years or since 2008.
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