economic news 6th 12th july 2015Hello, dearest Forex traders. Another week has gone and you must be waiting for the next one to come, so you can make your new trades and get some cash. And you are completely aware what you have to do in advance, though – get the latest Forex updates as to the market movements and changes. See the 06th – 12th July 2015 Forex news pack we have gathered for you and do what you have to do! Inform yourself and then start trading to become even more successful in Forex world.

French Industrial Manufacturing With an Increase In May

French industrial manufacturing sphere signs some really good results. This has become clear, when the May report was released. The official numbers reduces the concerns, which French government has recently shared. Moreover – the activating of manufacturing processes in the national economy has moved the business field in the country forward, as well. We remind you that French business activity has recently signed some huge drop, but the industrial progress will definitely restore it quite soon. To be more specific the industrial manufacturing in France has reported a growth of about 0.4% in comparison to the previous month. The shrink in April, by the way, was with 0.8% and most of the experts in the country expected the same jump of 0.4% growth during May. It seems France has taken the control over manufacturing industry and even its expectations as to the niche are realistic.

Trading Deficit in Great Britain With a 2-Year Bottom In May

Things are not so positive and good in UK, though. One of the latest economy reports coming straight from the government and oriented to trading deficit shows some really bad numbers. British trading deficit hits 2-year bottom in May, while the sudden drop, meanwhile, is huge. On the other side, these results have spread their negative influence in many other sectors. Thus, the import in Great Bottom has been also reduced and it has also hit a bottom, but a 4-year one. The difference between the imported and exported services and goods of Great Britain reached 393 millions of GBP.

The Optimism As to Greek Case Has Sent EUR Up

Even though the rise is quite small, there is a little hope than eventually things will come to the right place. There is one strange and a bit weird optimism as to the Greek drama and the more experts speak about it, the better it becomes for EUR. The rise has been signed during the last day of the working days and it was only with 1%. EUR/USD, on the other side, has reached its biggest drop in July. Currently, EUR/USD is 1.1182. Many global forex brokers warned for high risk of investors funds and have taken additional effort to warn the investors.

British Central Bank Has Saved Its Recording Low Main Interest Rate

Just like all of the financial experts have expected, British Central Bank has decided and made it to save the current amount of the main interest rate, which, by the way, is so low that it has hit a new recording number. Currently, the main interest rate in England is 0.5% and according to the official statement that the general representatives of the Central Bank in Great Britain the increase of the interest rate will be made in stages and during the first quarter of the upcoming 2016 year.

Lifeless Inflation in China During The Last 30 Days

The Chinese inflation has been quite lifeless in June. On the other side, the manufacturing prices are yet in the deflation zone. There was a slight increase in June, but the wholesale prices remained in the bad rates yet. This, of course, is real evidence that Chinese economy – the second large one in world – continues to remain in standstill. The consumer price index in China in June has been increased with up to 1.2%. Meanwhile, the index of manufacturing prices was reduced with up to 4.8%. To get a slight idea of what`s going in China, the number for May drop was only 4.6%. The inflation expectations are a reason for the next government economy policy to consider some stimulations and alleviations.

International Monetary Reserve: The Increase of USD Will Affect The Whole World!

International Monetary Reserve is certain that the expected increase of USD will lead to overall effects for the whole world. Moreover – the most renewed experts in the institution say that the parity might also lead to a sharp lack of balance for the monetary wallets. Of course, these are only facts with no evidence and we are about to see what exactly will happen….
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