currency forex trading october 2014Hi, guys! It`s been a while since we haven’t discussed the latest news in Forex world. Now, when October has started with some significant shakes off and changes in the foreign currency market, we can for sure give you even some more! Check out the last updates in Forex for the period between the 6th and the 9th of October 2014! So, let`s get started!

USD registers a minimal rise before the FED report!

During the last few days the USD has been moving ahead with a little rise of its price. Even though, we are waiting for some bigger changes in the end of October, it seems that American national currency will not remain stable up to then. The FED report about the banks, as well as the final decision about the interest rise, will put some clearness soon whether USD will continue rising, or it will remain under the EUR.

Industrial manufacturing in Spain with slow growth in August

The recent situation in Spain – both political and social – does its marks on the overall industrial manufacturing situation. The latest reports have been pointing that the so awaited growth of local production will not come soon. The seasonal indexes measure this growth as 0.6%. We remind you that back in July, the Spanish industrial manufacturing has been growing with a higher rate – 0.9%. EU has already made a notice that Spain has been doing its efforts to get out of the crisis, but it seems they are not yet enough.

Bitcoin makes its growth and rise slowly, but certainly!

The virtual currency Bitcoin growth has signed a decent success since it has increased its price according to USD. Yesterday, Bitcoin has moved to up 26 USD and today it is going back, though, to the common price of 350 USD. The expectations, on the other side, are quite positive for the virtual currency. The experts in the Forex trading world believe that soon, the BTC/USD will move to a run on a 400 USD round figure. This will eventually raise the Bitcoin price in PayPal online payment system – more than 450 USD. We got several brokers like Avatrade and Iron Fx that offer bitcoin trading.

British Pound may go for a deep low!

Do not worry – it hasn’t happened yet and up to now British Pound remains stable. According to the rumours and particular analysis by experts in the field, the British Pound may, though, turn lower and lower. Such a prediction is made due to the BOE Policy Standstill, which will probably continue.
Ok, guys, these were all for today! Do not miss to see the latest Forex news with us quite soon!