forex news- ill 22nd february  2015Hello Forex members and players? How was the previous week for you – a successful one or not so successful? To make the upcoming days more profitable, we are ready to update you with the necessary and significant information about the market. So do not waste any more time and check out the latest Forex news from 16th to 22nd of February 2015. Let`s get started!

American Dollar has Solidified its Price

Good news for the USD. The American dollar has solidified its price and position on the global foreign currency exchange market. This has happened due to the great economy news that were released during last few days and linked to the American economy. One of these news was the officially show reports for the unemployment subsidy claims. The number of claims was reduced up to 283 thousand for the previous week and this is not even all. A great economy report from the Fed Reserve showed spectacular performance of the nation economy. Besides the USD growth this report led to 2 more important things – the increasing of interest rates is again considered and EUR begins to lose its strong positions. The EUR/USD now is 1.13202.

Eurozone has Signed a Sudden Business Activity Growth

A latest research has proved the positive expectations for the business community in the Eurzone. It turned out the business activity has signed another sudden growth and it has reached a 7-month peak. Such an economy growth will additionally bring some stimulation for both – consumers and businessmen. The data from the research covers only February.

China with a Recording American Debt

China has reported its brand new recording activity. The Asian country has bought a recording amount of American debt during the previous 2014 year. Moreover – the date of payment also can be considered as recording since it varies between 2 and 30 years. The final amount of debt is 185.683 billion of USD. This is with about 30% more than the recorded debt in 2009 year. Meanwhile, the overall American debt that is kept by China has been reduced, though, with about 25.8 billion of USD.

Russian International Reserves with Another Drop

The Russian international reserves have dropped once again. According to a recent report the amount is about 6.4 billion of USD reckoned till 13 February 2015 year. The amount of actives for the Russian Central Bank has reduced to 368, 3 billions of USD and as far as we remember they were huge enough back in 2008 year, while the monotonous drop has began in late 2010 year. Most of the actives are in gold and the so called “other reserved actives”.

ECB is NOT Unified for QE

According to some members from the European Central Bank there is a controversial opinion between all the members in the European financial institution, when it comes to QE. This has become clear after one of the latest January reports made by ECB. As a final conclusion the important thing that everyone should understand now is that the European Central Bank is actually not unified as to the QE. Such a report has never been done in the 15-year history of the European financial institution. Though, such an initiative seems to be quite helpful since such interesting facts are eventually disclosed.

Japan with Giant Trade Deficit

Recent shocking news from a report has come out in Japan, too. It turned out that the Asian country has registered some very huge trade deficit for the first 30 days from 2015 year. According to the official data the Japanese trade deficit for January 2015 has doubled. The report also says that the export has increased quite much – with up to 17% – while the import has reduced with up to 9% on a monthly basis. The news has additionally emphasized on the big challenge that the new Japanese government has been focused on – the encouragement of the economy growth via weakening process for the national currency Yen.

French Deflation Exceeded the Expectations

The deflation report for France has been released and according to it has exceeded the previously officially announced expectations by the government. The consumer prices in the country have dropped up with 1% according to those from last weeks of the previous 2014 year. The growth on annual base is about 0.4% and it is the most impressive one since 2009 year.
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