26 24th november 2014 forex newsHello once again, dear Forex players and traders. To keep you up to date to all the latest and important news from the exchange market, we have gathered for you few events and facts to consider. So, check out all the latest Forex news from 24th to 26th of November 2014 year right away and make your new weekly strategy for more profitable outcomes.

The economy in Great Britain has reported a growth

The British economy seems to be in a top condition. This has become clear right after an official report of the economy condition in Great Britain was announced. According to it, the economy on the Island has a solid growth during the third quarter. It is about 0.7%. Meanwhile, the annual economy growth in Great Britain is expecting an about 3% growth.

Putin accepts the aggressive policy by the Central Bank in Russia

Vladimir Putin has announced that he accepts the aggressive policy as a recommendation by the Russian Central Bank for now. Even though many experts believe that there is a visible tension between the government and the Central Bank in Russia, Putin has immediately showed that this isn’t exactly the truth. The Russian Rouble flowing rate will remain, while the solid increase of the price of the rates continues. However, even though these measures turn out successful, they can eventually take Russia into recession in the upcoming 2015 year. Our estimate is that it will have deep impact on the online forex trading.

The Australian dollar goes to a 4-year minimum

The situation with the Australian national currency isn’t stable at all. After the dynamic reducing of its price, it hit a 4-yerar minimum. This drop is probably due to the fact that a member of the Australian Central Bank has brought forward all the strong points of the lower exchange rate. The AUD/USD is now 0,8530. We also remind you that the Central Bank in Australia has also become much more flexible with the rates during the last few months.

China will not shrink the rates again until the end of the year

It seems that China is over with the rate shrinking for this year. The Chinese Central Bank has announced that the shrinking process of the rates for the 2014 year has come to an end – without saying anything about the current plans for the upcoming 2015 year. Meanwhile, many experts claim that the publication of the results from the fourth quarter might make the Central Bank to embark additional emergency measures.
Ok, these were all for now. We will come back soon with all the latest Forex news again!