forex trading online major economicsThis week’s news from all around the world are more and more promising with great dinamik an expectations to come true in the next several months. Here is what is new for the past several days.

The trade deficit in USA goes down

The trade deficit in USA marked a drop in JUne thankfully to the record numbers of the export and the lowering numbers in USA import of goods. The deficit now stand at 45 billion USD turning down a 7% from its last month figure. The big deficit is a bit dangerous since it might hurt the GDP for the second half of the year, but in the same time the americans are ready to spend more and more, so watch out for the USD traders it is going to get stronger.

Uk authorities are looking at the potential of Bitcoin

Uk government will start investigating how the new crypto currencies are affecting the UK markets, and especially the Bitcoin. Since its peak in 2013 when it reached 1200 USD the Bitoin is not standing stable at some nice levels vs the USD and EUR and it is becoming more and more alternative method of payments for small traders and online businesses. Many people think that the Bitcoin will become as powerful as the internet, well I guess only the time will show us if this is true or not, till then I will watch closely and check for the results of the UK experts.

Italy is back to recession

The Italian GDP had unexpected dropped past month which sent the 3rd biggest economy in Europe in recession for countless time. The GDP has dropped with 0.2 on 3 month base although some experts from Bloomberg had expectation of growth with 0.1.
Facing 40% unemployment through the youngest and national debt of about 2 trillion euro, the Italy’s prime minister will have hard time till the end of the year. Major european economists are commenting that the Italian economic and the Italian banks are most vulnerable following the problems EU has with Russia.

Unemployment in New Zealand with historic bottom

The labor market in New Zealand is marking superior tops since the unemployment has reached its lowest level for the last 5 years at the position of 5.6%. This is setting up the kiwis at the position of a dream county. Although the positive news the index of economic activity had a slight drop to 68.9 from prevision revision 69.2. The gov reports that they expect the unemployment to reach 5.5% till the end of this year and going under 5% in the new year.
With all that said have a nice weekend, relax and think over how to improve your forex trading abilities.