last week septermber 2014 trading newsSeptember is almost gone and things have become quite interesting on the Forex market now, too. We are offering you the most popular Forex news that have crashed on today`s market and that will definitely leave their own accents on September 2014 Forex situation. So, if you are ready for some relaxation and you want to begin he next week more informed about the market, check out our Forex news for the end of the last September week. The will cover the last events and analyses from 25th to 28th of September 2014 year.

The Chinese industrial profits have been reduced

The sudden drops of the Chinese Industry and the reduced profits aren’t the only thing that might scare the Chinese Government. As a matter of fact, such a decrease hasn’t been registered since 2012, when the real growth of the Chinese economy has begun its world expansion. The large surprises came from the numbers of July and August reports. The first decrease is of 13,5% and the August reducing of the profits is about 0,6%.

Venezuela’s Boliviar with a record low

The national Venezuela currency – the Venezuela’s Boliviar has made a giant record by reaching an enormous low on the black market. The price has begun lowering on Friday and it reached the surprising 100/U.S. dollar. This has reduced the Venezuela’s Boliviar prices 16 times at once. The current President – Nicolas Maduro – has pointed the speculators as top guilty people for this recent lowering. Check out what IronFx and XM Forex – 2 of our top forex brokers got for you.

6 Banks are about to be charged for their Forex manipulating actions

There are 6 banks that are officially charged for manipulating the Forex market. Although, these are only those large financial institutions, which will now pay! Do we need to say that probably the number is even larger than 6? Ok, the arclays, Citigroup, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and UBS have had some meetings with the British financial control this week in order to discuss the circumstances over their manipulating actions, which are valued in 5.3 trillion USD.

British Pound will continue the struggle in a dollar environment

The decision of making some efforts to compete the dollar has turned the British Pound to dive into a more pro dollar environment. It seems that GPB is acclaimed as in best foreign currency position and EURO doesn’t look like a factor or even an enemy. Probably, the final results of the UK political and economical situation due to the votes in Scotland have made the experts more optimistic about the GBP battle against USD, too! The battle here, though, is more dynamic!
Ok, guys, that was all! See in very soon to list you the most important Forex market news again! Have a profitable and successful week!