forex news second week february 2015Hello, dear Forex traders! We are back here with you to inform you about what happened on the previous during the previous week. Read to get updated and to adjust your current weekly strategy and get even more beneficial final outcome. We present you the latest and hottest Forex news that cover the period between the 2nd and the 9th of February 2015 year. So, let`s check them out together, alright?

Japan registers its 6th excess

The December results for Japan economy were quite good. A recent report from the Asian country has made a final conclusion that the country is in its 6th excess on its account. The report covers December 2014 year, but it seems that Japan is also moving forward even some greater success. Also, according to the report the country has signed an excess for the entire 2014 year, which turned out to be the largest one in Japan`s history. Most financial experts in the country claim that these positive results are entirely due to the fact that the increasing of the investments now permanently preponderate the trading deficit. Moreover – the excess for December has reached 1.57 billion of USD. On the other side, this level is above the expectations that were registered in an inquiry made by Wall Street Journal Magazine.

The Growth in Eurozone was Put on Focus During the Previous Week

Eurozone has signed a growth in its economy. This made the Eurozone`s growth on focus during the previous week. The market participants will be focused on the Great Britain`s inflation report, too. It is an interesting fact that the Asian and American countries will show their results for the economy growth or collapse during the next week. Thus, Japan is about to show its results in 12th February 2015 year, as well. It will be also interesting, when Switzerland will show statistics for the inflation of the prices per a manufacturer.

The American Dollar Holds Back its Profits

After the strong report that has been released about the employment rate and level in the country, USA is holding back its profits that have come from the USD selling. On the other side, the situation of the stressful relationships between Greece and European Union has additionally influenced negatively on the EUR, which improved the condition of the USD even more. Meanwhile, the USD has begun its week with no serious movements, while in Friday its growth has reached remarkable level. The labor report has given a huge support for the USD, but it seems that such an influence cannot last for longer time than a weekend. We remind you that the new free job positions in USA for January has reached the number of 257 thousands.

European Periphery Wins a Lot After the Rates Drop

The lower profitableness leads to better conditions for countries like Spain and Italy, however, according to the experts they are too vulnerable in case of a sudden trend conversion. Still, the financial pros believe that the European periphery wins at most since the rates has signed a drop. Financial specialists claim that the south countries from the European Union win much more from the lower expenses for state financing. Still, these countries, together with Japan, on the other side, are too vulnerable in case of a future increase of the shares profitableness.

Is Denmark Facing a Speculation Attack?

The question of the previous week is whether Denmark faces a speculation attack. According to the specialists the protection of the currency lane is too expensive so probably the answer of this question is positive. The Central Bank in Denmark must act more drastically to the situation, if it has serious plans to deal with the speculators, who, on the other side, believe that the country must give up from the fixed currency rate regime. In Thursday, the main financial institution in Denmark has made the rate even lower on an even more negative territory. By the way, this is the fourth reducing of interest rate price for this month.

Ukraine Allowed Grivna to Flow Freely

In the middle of the previous week the Belarusian Ruble was the worst acting currency in the world. Layer, when the Central Bank in Ukraine let its national currency rate to form from the main trading powers – search and supply – the Ukrainian Grivna took the worst negative position from the Belarusian Ruble and became quite cheep. Financial experts believe that the fights in the East Ukraine aren’t the only reasons for such a drop. The inadequate administration in the country is probably the main guilty factor for the problem with the Ukrainian Grivna.
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