trading news first week june 2015We are here again to inform you about what has happened on Forex market during the last few days. This time we present you a small review of the latest Forex news for the first days in June. Check out the most important Forex changes and movements – 01st – 06th June 2015 – and update your current trading strategy right away!

Monetary Reserves of Switzerland Have Made a Step Back In May

The statistic that Central Bank in Switzerland has recently released is not very positive of the monetary reserves in the country. They have made a step back in May and the drop is about of 4.7 billion Frank. Some experts in financial field from Switzerland believe that this huge drop is not due to the weak Swiss economy or monetary policy, but due to the sudden drop of EUR price. Currently, the monetary reserves in Switzerland that have been detected during the last days in May are about 517.5 billion Frank. The amount in April was with about 5 billion more. There is no comment from Swiss Central Bank yet, but it is for sure that the financial experts from the main institution in the country are already planning some plans for the recovery of the situation.

Non-agricultural Employment in USA Has Increased In May

The non-agricultural employment rate in USA has reached impressive numbers. The sudden increase was even higher than the most positive expectations have predicted it to rise. Moreover – this is a huge success and it has been achieved only for one single month – May. According to the latest non-agricultural employment rate report for American economy the huge increase is with about 280 thousands of the newly employed people, while the expectations pointed about 226 thousands of new people to be employed. Still, the experts see some kind of a delay, too. They claim that the employment rate on annual base should be much better than it is now. The unemployment rate on the other side has reached 10.8% in May and it was predicted to be a bit more positive. Still, American labour powerful institutions have lots to do.

Bundesbank Has Revises Its Expectations On a Higher Level As To the Economy Overall Plans

The Central Bank in Germany has changed its expectations as to the economy situation and made them a bit higher than they were signed few weeks ago. Bundersbank now expects the Domestic Gross Product to become bigger with about 1.7% on an annual base in 2015 year. This is a more positive expectations in comparison to the firstly made plans (in the beginning of the year) by German Central Bank. The plan have been changed and the prognosis – corrected – due the fact that the German economy has recovered from the bad delay in 2014 quite sooner than most of financial experts in the country have predicted.

American Dollar Has Finally Reached The Stabilization Moment

After so many months in chasing some stable numbers, USD has finally reached the stabilization moment. The American national currency has reached good rates in comparison to most of the global and world well-known and often bought currencies. Up to know EUR/USD is 1.12513, GBP/USD is 1.55513, while USD/JPY is 121.684. All of these numbers are due to the lately released employment report for USA. However, American Central Bank has many more duties to handle during the next few days, because the difficulties in Greece are yet parts of its newest strategies and plans.

Russia Will Increase Its International Reserves Slowly

Final report from Russian Central Bank shows that the local economists have new plan as to the economy and monetary situations in the country. It seems that Russia does not want to rush for a sudden recovery, but prefers to make it slowly. According to a latest statement coming straight from an expert in Russian Central Bank, the international reserves are about to be increased step by step. The overall strategy for this increase will be also referred to all the economy movements that happen in real time. Finance specialists in Russia tend to be more attentive as to the little things that make the changes in the economy, so a next collapse will be avoided. The most optimal prediction tells that the reserves are supposed to be enough for covering the main and the most significant capital flows during the next few 2-3 years.
Ok, guys, up to now these were all the latest Forex news we thought you should have read and consider during the next trading days. Have a nice and profitable week! See you very soon here!