trading news 23rd november 2014Hello, dear Forex fellows! We are back again and we are ready with the latest Forex news for the past few days. So, update yourself with us and become the top Forex trader on your favourite Forex broker website once again these days, too. And if you are concentrated enough, check out the latest Forex news for the period between 20th and 23rd of November 2014 year.

Russian economy with a recent growth

Even though the finances and the political situation in Russia aren’t that ok, the economy has actually become stronger and stronger here. According to a recent official report the Russian economy has grown with up to 0.8% for the last nine months of 2014 year. Many experts used to claim that Russian economy is going to a zero or even to a negative level, this news has comes as the most awaited surprises for Russian government. This has made the Financial Ministry in Russia to proceed with the positive expectations and a growth of 0.5% for the Gross Domestic Product of the entire 2014 year.

Switzerland is expecting to save its limit of the Frank

Switzerland isn’t going to make any other exceptions, but on the contrary – the country is about to do everything possible to keep its national currency stable. A recent official announcement from the government has declared that the liming of Frank/EUR is going to remain the same until 2017 year. Meanwhile, we remind you that the entire Switzerland is entirely open for making some huge gold updates and keep its finances even better with some new changes that are well-known as the Save the Swiss Gold project.

Mozilla has embraced the Bitcoin

There is no doubt that the virtual currency that has made a big start-up this year as an official currency – including on the Forex market – will not make even more success. According to the latest news the giant internet browser – Mozilla – will also accept and embrace Bitcoin. The CoinDesk has recently announced that the first steps by Mozilla for a quicker Bitcoin acceptance is getting donations with Bitcoins.

The European Central Bank has started the purchases of the securities

Some recent EU news has announced that the European Central Bank has just started buying securities that are secured with actives. Meanwhile, the EUR has reached a 1% bottom against the USD. This reduction of the price has appeared few hours after the news from ECB has come.
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