trading news 6th october 2014Welcome back, dear Forex traders! We are glad to announce that we have gathered the most important news and facts from the last week! Check out the significant Forex news for the period 2nd to 5th of October 2014! Suit your strategy to them and hope we will succeed in helping you some extra money.

USD remains steady and stable till the new economy report will be released!

The American USD did not even move or shake. Even though the predictions are so various and shocking, the real data about the labour market in the USA aren’t released yet. The American National Government, though, will soon announce the unemployment report that will definitely change the foreign currency market exchange. It is all about a matter of time, but there is a common view that the USD will become higher as a price. Maybe the forex traders can find the best forex sites to attack the USD.

The European retail trade registers growth for August

The latest news from the EU is that the retail trade is getting better and better. This might probably increase the EURO value and the fight with the stable USD is about to get into passion. According to the latest numbers, which were officially released during the last week, the growth of the European zone retail trade for August 2014 is about 1,2%. This is a huge surprise since the EU economy wasn’t in its best position during the last few months.

Russian Inflation with record numbers, too!

The political situation in Russia has made its negative influence into the national economy, too. It turned out that the local inflation has risen to a record level. There was no such a inflation here for the last few years and the predictions point both – the Russian Rouble lowering and the conflict in Ukraine as main reasons. The economy growth has been delaying, too, and the index of the consuming prices in Russia has increased to 8% on an annual base after its huge growth in
August – to about 7.6%.

Russian begins sanctions with Bitcoins

The progress of Bitcoin is growing more and more. As a prove for that the Russian National Government has decided to make sanctions – mostly administrative and financial – with Bitcoins. According to the official information such a sanction might be up to 1000 EUR.

British Pound is still pushing up towards the powerful USD

And while American USD isn`t about changing its leading and fast growing positions on the foreign currency exchange market, the British Pound shows that it will not give up in getting more and more expensive. The slow and uncertain attempts of the English currency, though, seem to be nice alternative. GBP/USD hit 1.5965 during U.S morning trade on the last working day on the Forex market. Check out 2 of our top forex brokers – Avatrade and for their best rates.
Ok, guys! See you soon with our last news from the Forex world! Hope to meet you here soon!