latest news for first days of september 2014The end of summer and the arrival of the inconstant and erratic September have caused some mini collapses in the global Forex world. The first two autumn days have put some really intriguing accents, which, though, did not shake off the market irreversibility. See the first September days in details and consider the circumstances in your upcoming currency decisions.

Japanese Yen faces its most catastrophic price reduction for the last 5 years

In fact, the Asian main currency becomes cheaper than any other regular currency it is used to be exchanged with. The basic sign of the 0.6% Japanese Yen drop is the comparison with the USA dollar. This collapse has been happening on the background of the latest speculations over the upcoming and so awaited Japan government reform for the superannuation fund. Meanwhile, The USA Dollar raises its price speedily, even though, the American currency market has one day-off.

The principally permanent EURO goes on losing its positions

And this statement is once again based on the comparison with the fast and sudden USA Dollar growth. Meanwhile, the Production Price indexes in EU have renewed their recent collapse from July. The basic reason for this is, of course, is in the electricity pricing instability.

The price tag of 1 Bitcoin hit the bottom

This drop has started after the second week of August. Though, the end of the final summer month has made the September Bitcoin value extremely small. The virtual currency Bitcoin amount has dropped with up to 120 USA dollars. It has reached 451 USA Dollars in today`s Asian market in the end of August. However, today, on 3rd of September 1 Bitcoin is 475.05 USA Dollars. Moreover – Peter Schiff, who is the CEO in Euro Pacific Capital has shared the opinion that this negative dropping of the Bitcoin amount is about to rise. Most of the traders nowadays, still, do not appreciate the virtual currency and once they get it, they struggle to sell it.

Chinese Factory Activity has dropped, too!

During the last August days, the factory activity in China has fallen into a 3-month bottom. Chinese government is ready with a full program for advancing stimulations for this niche. The flash HSBC index among the sales managers accounted of 50.3 points. This is the least value for the last 3 months according to the local economists.

Russian Ruble hits a record low price to USD

USD has been rising bluntly on the Russian currency market. Russian Ruble, on the other side, reaches its brand new collapse. As you might remember, the previous drop was due to the EU sanctions towards Russian actions against Ukraine. We remind you that, recently, EU experts have decided to increase these sanctions in case Russia goes on with the violation in Ukraine crisis.
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