forex trading news first week july 2015We hope you had some really cool trading days and you are now back to our site to make your strategy even more profitable after learning the latest movements and events on the market. We have gathered for you the hottest and the latest Forex news from first days of July 2015 – 1st – 5th July. If you are ready, let us name you the things you need to consider in your Forex trading activity during the next Forex week!

European Central Bank Will Finance Bulgaria Due To Greek Drama

The Greek drama has spread all over the world and today everyone talks about it. However, it is clear that many countries, organizations and people will get affected by the events in Greece regardless they have anything to do with it. Some of the affected will be even finely affected. Just like Bulgaria! It became clear that European Central Bank has decided to finance Bulgaria due to the Greek drama. The bank will provide an access for Bulgaria to the refinancing operations. Moreover – the bank is also about to integrate a new system to prevent future collapses to happen to Bulgaria aiming to stop the Greek financial epidemic situation. Bulgarian Central Bank has made no official statement as to these yet.

The Industry of Russian Services Did Not Warrant The Expectations

Things in Russian industry of services are not quite well. This has become clear, when a report showed that the expectations to this sphere made last month were not realized during the last few days. Moreover – PIM has now reached the rate of 49.5 points and this is the first drop since March during this year. We remind you that all PIM rates above 50 points indicate for economy drop, which is not just a monthly collapse, but can also affect the entire annual program for the concrete sphere. Some financial experts in Russia claim that the reason why PIM has dropped is hidden in the fact that business activity has become too low for the last few months.

Switzerland Might Apply Control Over Bank Financial Transactions

The main economy chief in USB has recently made a statement that he is almost sure that Switzerland is about to introduce its new controlling program that will limit the financial transactions made from banks. Such a drastic movement from Central Bank in Switzerland, on the other side, sounds too logical, because the situation in the country and mostly in its monetary policy indicated it by all means. We remind you that Swiss main financial institution is now struggling to bring Frank its last leading position. Still, the sudden drop of the Swiss national currency is marked by a sudden crisis and the ban we have talked above is quite possible.

Brazil is Heading a Giant Financial Investigation

Brazil has moved to a real financial criminal season, because according to the latest news coming straight from the Central Bank in the country it will try to trial several international banks. What we found out is that Brazil is heading a real giant financial investigation. According to the report Brazilian Central Bank will investigate 15 different national banks. What the Brazilian financial institution will look for will be an attempt for manipulation. Up to now 5 of the 15th banks have claimed to be guilty to determine the Brazilian Real rate wrongly. These 15 banks, by the way, are from the list of the world biggest banks in general: Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Barclays, Citigroup, Credit Suisse Group, Deutsche Bank, HSBC Holdings, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Morgan Stanley & Co, Nomura Holdings, Royal Bank of Canada, Royal Bank of Scotland Group, Standard Bank Group, Standard Chartered and UBS.

Fabric Orders in USA With A Drop

A latest report has showed that the fabric orders in USA are less in comparison to the previous month. The report for May is not optimistic at all, because the drop is of about 1 %. Some experts claim that this was expected, but the national financial services, as well as the government, are confident: the huge drop of each economy sphere, including in the number of the monthly fabric orders is a sign of a big storm that is heading the entire country. Others experts believe that the drop of the fabric orders in USA is due to the less search and demand in transportation and electrical equipment niches.
Ok, guys, these were all the latest Forex news up to now! See you soon with a new pack of hottest news again!