forex trends 2014

New year new luck – what to expect from forex trading in 2014

The year of 2013 is over now and hopefully the new 2014 will offer us better opportunities for us the traders to reach out to new scores and greater earnings.Following we will put up some initial thoughts about the important trends and significant factors to watch out for in the next few months.
Few significant trades we will watch out in the new year – gold, petrol, euro/us dollar pairs, as well and the new players in the Forex markets – the digital currencies with their flagship Bitcoin.

    • Gold trading

After the big fluctuations and huge drop in the past year the gold has finally started to pick up for the past 2 weeks but it is still too early to predict if the trend will be constant or we are just monitoring just minor change in the price. After a 12 years bull run gold experienced a huge drop in price which costed to many people tons of lost money in their investment portfolios as many investors lost faith in the metal as a instrument for safe investment.The way we see it Gold will start to pick up the lost trust, but will be hard to regain all the trust lost so far. With current rate at around $1,200 per ounce we expect it to stay around this level for the next couple months and with the potential of crossing the breaking point of $1,700 by the end of the year.

    • Petrol – oil trading

With the war in Syria and with the aggressive politics in Russia and Iran it is hard to predict what will happen here. One fact is clear although the many speculations about the future of oil/petrol it is still the main source of energy on the earth, although many green energy technologies came around in the past 10 years oil is the moving force in the stock/forex markets and it will remain like this for at least 20 years to come. For the year of 2014 we predict no big changes in the overall trends as oil will remain with its current price range.

    • US Dollar and Euro

With United States and Fed policy now more clear we expect the US dollar to gain more trust in the investors and to get in better positions vs EU currency. With all the new members in EU, the expectancy in the power of euro is greatly negative. Only the hope of the strong Germany can help it out here. We are yet to see the annual reports from all EU members but overall investing in dollar is far better option rather than euro.

    • Digital currencies

After a glorious 2013 bitcoin suffered huge damage at end of the year losing around 50% of its value, we expect it to regain some of its damaged cost. With over 80 digital currenciies around it is hard to predict where this will end as it looks it is like a baloon that is going to blow up soon enough. If you going to invest in digital currencies be careful as it is very dangerous market at the moment.

All above is far from all the main aspects of the online trading factors but in time we will try to cover more and more from the endless options in the online trading markets. Stocks, human behavior, politics, all this has huge impact on the markets so stay tuned for the latest news and forecasts from our experts