last week august 2015 forex newsAt the end of the month we have once again come back to you in order to update you with the latest financial news. See our 24th – 30th August 2015 pack of all hottest Forex news now and start the new week, as well as the new month with lots of profits and great positive attitude. Now, let`s focus and move to the news.

Consumers in USA Keep Spending More and More Money

According to the latest report involving data about consuming in USA, the consumers in the country keep spending their money with no concerns or worries as to the latest events and financial news from the market. Moreover – the expectations say that the collapse of the exchange market is not going to affect on the behaviour of the regular households in United States. The increase of the purchases made by American citizens for the last month is about 0.3%. This progress is by all means due to the stabilization of the employment rate in the country and since the prognosis for it are better than ever, it is highly possible for the States to remain regular according to the consumption rate.

The Inflation in Germany Was Low in August

The inflation report for German economy showed results that have been expected for the last few weeks. The inflation was low in August. Experts point the lower expenses for electrical energy, which have balanced the situation with the services and food market prices, where sudden increase was signed. All of these have made the European Central Bank to consider additional stimulations for the increase of the inflation in Eurozone. The inflation in German at annual rate has reached 0.2% and this is again reported at the background of the drop in energy expenses for an average household.

Economy Trust In Eurozone With Unexpected Rise

Even though nobody believed this would happen, the economy trust rate in Eurozone has signed some increase for the last month. To be more specific the economy trust index has reached 104.2 points. And the expectations predicted a drop up to 103.8 points. All of these happen despite the Chinese economy delay, as well as the one from China and the events that took place in Greece and ended up with a new unstable political situation in the country. According to the biggest financial experts in Eurozone, the rise of the economy trust among the households and single citizens shows the good direction that the overall economy program aims. The trust in industrial sector, though, has signed drop of about 3.7 points.

The Economy in Switzerland Has Increased During the Second Quarter

According to the second quarter economy report Switzerland can finally go back to its stable and primary condition. The report says that the economy signs good increase of about 0.2%, which makes the whole situation in the country more positive than it was only few weeks ago, when several financial experts believed a collapse, is coming and the Swiss Central Bank cannot do anything about it. The improvement of the national economy in Switzerland, though, comes in a time, when whole country needs it, because another report shows some more different trends – consumers have less trust in the Swiss economy and purchases become less and lower in comparison to the first quarter of the year.

USD Signs an Increase of its Price Despite Chinese Case

As you already know and observe quite well, Chinese crisis has affected the whole world. And besides the uncertain economy moves by Eurozone, USA also suffers from the recent collapse that took place in Chinese exchange market, as well as in the Chinese overall manufacturing progress. Still, it is not a secret to anyone that when it comes to weird movements of a specific currency – no matter the current events – USD beats them all. And right now we can see the same thing once again. Despite the recent Chinese case – alongside the taken measures for the faster and more efficient Chinese economy stimulations – USD keeps growing. Of course, it has lots to catch up, because during the last 2 weeks it could not stop reducing its price. Currently, EUR/USD is 1.11800. On the other side USD/GBP reached the rate of 0.649709, while USD/JPY has hit 121.728545. It is a matter of time, probably, to see the EUR/USD parity soon. Who knows…?
Ok, guys, up to now these were all the latest news from financial market for both – the week and the month. We hope they were useful for you and we will see you again here next week, too! Have a nice trading week and keep wining! See you soon!