forex trading news end of first week septemberLast week has brought lots of surprises for almost any world common currency. The market is definitely shaking and this lack of stability is definitely something you need to consider and check in details to get completely informed and prepared for your actions in Forex trade. Get aware of the latest news and submit your upcoming plans according to them.

Huge Euro Drop to a giant 14-month collapse after the ECB appointment!

The 14-month low of the Euro against the USD has shocked the global economy. This has happened after the regular ECB (European Central Bank) appointment. This meeting ended up with significant results for the interested rates. They were dramatically cut due to the threat of deflation in the whole EU economy. The rate is cut from 0,15 % to 0.05%, and the daily deposit rate is reduced to -0.20%.

Japanese Yen goes to sudden, but expected a 6-year low

Japanese Yen has hit the catastrophic 6-year low. Such a spectacular collapse was, though, quite expected since the world stock market was about to be affected by the important USA report for the jobs, vacancies and employment. The report from Friday, made USD extremely stable (in comparison to its recent shakes off). USA labour market, meanwhile, has lost its inertia. There are only 142 thousands of job vacancies for August and this fact is worrying for the American annual income, too.

The virtual Bitcoin currency with a flat in slow weekend procession

The slow weekend procession of the Bitcoin trading condition is mostly flat. The whole range for Bitcoin/USD was reduced to 8 points. The low is registered as $,475.51, while the high is rated at $482.99. Naturally this week Bitcoin destiny is provoked by its former entrepreneur and founder – Charlie Shrem – who has decided to plead guilty on his current judge trial.

German industrial production index comes up to common Forex market expectations

The officially registered numbers of the current (calculated for the period of July 2014 year) Germany industrial index have brought a big and nice surprise. It turned out that the production has highly risen. Mostly, this advanced progress is due to each of the German economy sectors` grow – except for the energy segment. The numbers indicate the dynamic and fast grow of the whole economy in Germany, which has gained a terrific half-year success.

Gold sings a 4-month low

The recent constant gold index of $1290 has been surprisingly changed. Gold has registered a 4-month drop and it has broken trough the number of $1275. Just one week ago the global trade market was more optimistic for gold. It has signed an impressive revival. Eventually, the EU events with the ECB, as well as the Ukraine crisis have shaken off the resistant gold condition and it seems that its collapse will continue.
These were the latest news about the end of the first September week for Forex market. Don’t forget to reach us back in few days in order to stay informed with the most significant Forex tidings.