forex news april 27th 2015 retail salesHello, guys! It has been a week since we have spoken last night as to the latest Forex news. We are here now once again to inform you what is going on the market to make your trading strategy more successful and up to date to the recent movements and changes. Read our bunch of the latest Forex news now and find out what to consider for your next trades. We present you the hottest news for 20th to 27th April 2015 year. So, if you are ready, let us get started!

The Business Data Report in Germany Has Supported EUR!

EUR/USD rate has reached a level that made EUR more valuable once the business data report was lately released in Germany. This report simply saved EUR from a recent bottom. Moreover – this sudden increase of the EUR is evidence that Greece, which was in a screaming need of money, is now heading the right progress in the negotiations for the providing of fresh funds. On the other side, this becomes the next bad moment for USD, which has recently reduced its value due to other significant financial factors. Germany still believes that it is essential for Greece to stabilize, because otherwise, the entire European Union is going to pay for the deepest country`s monetary and economy issues. Up to now EUR/USD is 1.08879.

Turkish Lira Has Reached A New Historical Bottom

Turkish national currency has recently fallen into a strong and visible collapse. The last week, though, was extremely negative for the Turkish Lira since it has reached a new historical bottom. The Central Bank in Turkey, we remind you, has released its latest stimulations for stabilization, but it is clear that they were not enough at all. Moreover – the disappointing economy week for Turkey were even more forcing for the national currency to get left behind the rest of world foreign currencies. Currently, USD/TRY is 2.730 and the latest losses (only for a week) are at about 1% rate. The local manufacturing and selling numbers should be the next negative disappointing things that Turkey needs to consider immediately. We also remind you that the expectations for the increase of the main interest rate by The Fed Reserve in USA additionally put on some pressure on TRY.

The Retail Sells in Great Britain With Some Unexpected Drop

Another disappointment is registered in the territory of European Union. A latest report for the retail sells in Great Britain was released and according to its data, the drop of the sells is huge. Except for the automobile fuels, all of the retail sells in England are heading collapse. Though, the sells still do report a slight increase, which on the other side is lower than the expectations predict them – of about 0.2%. This is a report that follows March numbers. After this report release, it became clear that the sudden Great British economy breakthrough has lost its fast speed and probably it was just a moment that had no future prolongation. Have in mind that the retail sells in England during February was at 0.5% rate and the most bought goods yet are food and clothes. Net debts of the public sphere – besides the national banks – are about 7.4 billions of GBP. The profits, though, are about 3% and the expenses have shrunk with up to 3.1%. Maybe you should try our forex bonus sites and get use of this news.

European Industry Has Delayed its Recovery

The manufacturing activity among the entire Eurozone has delayed during the last two months, which have brought minimum profits. The economy sphere in European Union registers huge delays for April and the entire industry is now strongly pressed by the recently introduced monetary policy that was appointed by European Central Bank. It is clear that the Bank will have to soften the program of the welfare state debts for a while before giving a start for the more visible economy recovery. The manufacturing selling numbers and those from the services providers are lower with 54 points – currently, they are about 53.5%. The manufacturing index for France is definitely one of the biggest surprises for the month, because it has shrunk under the level of the expansion – up to 48 points.

Chinese Manufacturing Field Has Also Singed A Drop

The manufacturing activity index in China is not ok, either. It seems that the economy numbers for the latest period are not positive for any of the biggest powers nowadays and China is not an exception. Moreover – this is the next, second month of a drop for the economy field in China and it seems that the manufacturing sphere needs a strong recovery. This is the worst period for the country for the last two years and the mood is definitely not the most cheerful one. The current Chinese manufacturing goal is to gain a rise of 7%, but these plans become more and more impossible!
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