second week april 2105 newsHello, dear Forex traders! Happy Easter and happy brand new trading week to you! We wish you huge profits and even more success during this super holly Forex period. But to make it really intriguing and what is more important – more beneficial – better read the latest and hottest Forex news now – from 6th to 13th April 2015! Let`s get started and let`s get earn even more money now!

The Profits From American State Securities Have Reached Recording Numbers The Previous Week

The previous week was quite successful and impressive as to the state securities in USA. The numbers speak of themselves – a new recording selling number has been reported and the profits that the securities have brought are more than just large. The return of the 10-year securities has increased up to 1.944% and the one of the 3-year shares have reached the 2.586% level. Moreover – the 30-year state securities in USA have been increased to 0.56%. The main reason for this visible and great success for the state securities in the States is, of course, due to the recently released labour report, as well as to the sudden increasing of the USD price.

The Inflation in China Remains Stable in March

A recent report as to the inflation in China for March has showed that there is no movement in this economy field in the Asian country. The inflation is yet 1.4% and many experts claim that the national Central Bank in China actually failed, because the measures it has introduced are either not working, or not put in force at all. The process for releasing the deflation pressure is yet put on hold and Chinese Central Bank must definitely do something about it. The consumer prices have been increased, too – with up to 1.4% during March – which is the same increasing level as we have noticed in February. The manufacturing prices, on the other side, have been reduced less than the prognosis were expecting – with about 4.6%. This put them in the negative territory, where actually the Chinese manufacturing field has been staying for more than 3 years already.

The Market Might Test The Czech Crown Towards EUR

Czech crown might test its highest rate towards EUR – although there hasn’t been recorded any huge interest as from the politicians or central bankers about it. This is only, however, a plan, that some experts believe will not work and not show any specific facts that are of important manner. However, Polish Central Bank will make a huge step in case it gets this initiative realized. The Central Bank in Czech Republic has added a final limit for its crown since 2013 in order to fight the deflation risk, which also came with the promise for keeping the rate towards EUR under 27 crowns. The financial institution in the country also claims that this limit is going to be kept up to the second half of the upcoming 2016.

The Hopes For Main Interest Increasing in USA Have Supported The Increase of USD

EUR has lost its leading positions after its doubting record referring to the industrial manufacturing field in Germany. This was an additional stimulation for the hope that the increasing of the main interest rate in USA will make the USD value even higher. We remind you that during the previous week the USD has reached its highest rate for the last few months and this was of course, predetermined by the statements that two experts from Federal Reserve in USA have given. They almost have promised that the interest rate in USA will be soon updated and increased. On the other side, there are yet doubts in some of the central bankers` programs for the interest rate, but, probably, it is only a matter of time to see them realized. Currently, the EUR/USD is 1.07451, the GBP/USD is 1.50013 and the USD/JPY is 122.622.

The Trading Excess in Germany With a Huge Increasing in February

The latest report as to the trading excess in Germany covers February and according to it this excess has reached even higher increasing than the expectations claimed it will be. It is about 19.2 billions of USD that has been exceeded as to the trading excess and we remind that January stated an excess of 15.9 billions of USD. Germany generates a surprising excess, which is due to the latest worries as to the national delays in manufacturing, but currently, German economy experts are comparatively tranquil as to the national trading field. Moreover – the export has been increased, too – with up to 3.9% – which is also a mission completed for the main stimulation plans in the German economy for 2015.
Ok, guys, these were all the interesting Forex news up to now! See you once again here in few days only!