forex news 8th-14th of june 2015Hello, dearest Forex traders! We are here to give you the basic information you need to have for the upcoming week. Adjust it to your strategy and make even more profits during the next few days! Check out all the latest Forex news – 8th – 14th June 2015 now! Everything you need to be aware of is right here, so let`s get started, guys!

Zimbabwe Renounces Its National Currency

The African country of Zimbabwe has announces its decision to renounces its national currency – Zimbabwean Dollar. The reason for this is the local hyperinflation due to which 35 quadrillion Zimbabwean dollars cost only $ 1. The government in Zimbabwe has already made an official statement as to this decision and it seems that there is no turning back. The hyperinflation reaches such rate and numbers that the usage of the national currency in Zimbabwe is no longer painful. On the other side, the Central Bank in Zimbabwe also made a statement as to the replacement of the national currency with the traditional USD. We remind you that Zimbabwe accepted the multiple monetary policy strategy back in 2009 and this move was definitely not the smartest decision by both – national Central Bank and the local government.

The American Wealth Reached $ 84.9 Trillion Up To Now

The amount of the national American wealth has reached the sum of $ 84.9 trillion. Though, on the other side, the report that has officially released this information shows that Americans tend to apply for consumer loans more rarely now. The index of this final amount behind the net wealth shows the owned actives without the debts and other expenses that the households are supposed to pat. The results are not fixes as to the inflation and the growth of the American population. According to this report the first quarter of 2015 year shows a giant raise of the national net wealth. The exact amount of the growth is about 639%. This is the biggest increase of the American net wealth since 2007 year, which was quite successful for the entire American history up to now. I would suggest to check our top forex brokers page and get on trading as soon as possible, as he chances to profit are biggest as ever.

The Central Bank in Serbia Has Reduces The Main Interest Rate Once Again

The Central Bank in Serbia has recently reduced and changed the national main interest rate several time. Though, it seems that more actions as to these are expected in future again, because lately the general financial institution has made a new move. The Central Bank in Serbia has reduced the main interest rate for fourth time this year. The deduction now is up to 6% and it is due to the delay of the inflation, as well as to the recent economy reforms made by the national Serbian government. This deduction is equal to about 50 basic points and it aims to increase the potential of the Serbian economy recovery. In April the inflation was about 1.8% and currently it is still somewhere near this number, while the main purpose of the Serbian government is to make it about 2.5 – 5%. Whether Serbia is going to go out of the collapse or not, we will see…

European Industry With A Very Slight Growth in April

The industry condition in Europe is not quite progressing. According to a latest report that covers April, the European industry increase is very slight and almost invisible. The growth is measures at about 0.1%, while the main expectations were for it to reach about 0.4%. Though, this is not such a bad number – especially in accordance to the huge collapse during March, where the industry situation was not positive at all. The report covers the combined number of all the production reports in mines, communal services, as well as in the fabric sphere. The annual growth is about 0.8% and we remind you that in March, though, it was about 2.1%. EU is 100% positive that the private investments need to be more and more massive so the industrial growth to be stimulated in a more visible way.

Central Bank in Brazil Is Facing Inflation Issue Again

The inflation in Brazil is still out of control and the Central Bank in the country is determined to do something more drastic as to the situation. Currently, the main national financial institution in Brazil seeks for the increase of the main interest rate as an only serious measure to improve the situation. However, the Central Bank has no answer as to what to do about the recession threaten that is heading the country. The last increase of the main interest rate is up to 13.75%. More increases are definitely expected during the next month…
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